If only you could see yourself from my eyes, would you know; what you mean to me – my world, my smile, my heartbeat – all of it, enveloped in the fragrance of your breath.

– Himali

textgram (3).png


15 thoughts on “Y.O.U.

  1. Hi Himali.. Clever Word
    Play if i am not Mistaken
    on (Y.O.U.) Why
    by Owe
    aS hehe..
    i am always
    Looking for HIdden
    Symbolism And That
    Works As Intent of Harry
    Potter Magic Spells Working
    too.. Yes.. So Let It Be Sung
    So Let it Be Danced Now Let
    Your Prayer Be KNoWN
    And Feel and Sense
    The Results
    Coming Soon
    Yes.. Best Wishes
    For Y O U Meeting Your
    Soul Mate Soon in Fruition
    mY FriENd oF LoVE ThaT iS Real..:)


  2. Awesome composition of words. Feeling very relax whenever see your blog dear. Thanks a lot for that. Whenever you will get time, please see all m comments. (Hahaha) Hope so life doesn’t make you that much busy and if you are busy then most important take the great care of your self… (Missed someone badly who love to collect happiness as well as keychains…)

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