Everyone has their own path in life – An ode to Jealousy

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A few weeks back, I was being incessantly bombarded with curve-balls from my best friend (let’s call my friend ‘Jay’) – whose life motto is to test my patience and wits; to the ends of planet Pluto. And mind you! I get no prior warnings too.

Jay was narrating to me how he helps ‘his-best-friend’ (let’s call my best friend’s best friend as ‘Kay’ – and I have never met Kay in person) in dealing with curve-balls questions by prepping up Kay and he’d narrate to me how they get along like a house on fire. I have first hand witnessed the two chatterboxes talking on the phone for an hour, which would be their bare skimpy minimum.

So there was this one time I was complaining how Kay is Jay’s more-favorite-friend and more because Kay gets fore-warnings from him before the troll attacks begin, whereas I get bombarded like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To this, I immediately get another impromptu “Please don’t tell me you are J of Kay” (J = jealous). I immediately join the bandwagon saying “Of course, Kay gets fore-warningsย – I don’t :/ “. We ended the topic with a lot of laughter.

Somehow, that question/remark/statement Jay made, stuck with me. It made me think, deep. About the kind of person I am, the kind of person I wanted to be when I see myself in the mirror. I never wanted to be someone who resents people. I’ve never wanted to feel envy or jealousy. I began thinking to myself:

How could I be J of Kay without even meeting him or knowing him? Jay and Kay have been best friends long before I even knew Jay – been through thick and thin together. Why should I feel envious or insecure or despise their friendship, when I didn’t even fully know their story?

This is when this line struck a chord with me –

Everyone has their own path in life, their own story. The grass on the other side always appear to be green, and more often than not; it is because we forget to water our own side!

I realized how silly I was to fall into Jay’s trap, ONCE AGAIN!

The next time Jay and I were catching up by the seaside, Kay called and as usual, they were gossiping for about an hour. Jay came apologizing for keeping me waiting while I bid my time listening to the crashing of the waves and watching a movie I had on my phone. I smiled at Jay and said It’s okay, and you know the other day you had asked me if I was J of Kay? Well, I thought about it and have come to the conclusion that I am not J. In fact, I think – I, Jay and Kay will be a really good team – The Three Musketeers. And who knows, someday soon I, Jay and Kay will be sitting by the beach ๐Ÿ™‚ “.

Jay gave me a smile and a look of disbelief (for the I, Jay and Kay will be sitting by the beach – dream I tried to sell) ๐Ÿ˜› Now, every time we speak of Kay, I refer to Kay as “Our 3rd Muskeeter” (poor Kay, doesn’t even he’s part of the gang already ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


It is so important in life, to look at people with admiration, rather than envy. It is being focused on the abundance rather than the lack. After all, we attract what and how we feel and focus our energies on.

Envy is not about feelings. Envy is about Geometry. If we are on the opposite sides of the angle, this envy is fueled with malice and unhappiness. But, if we are aligned in the same straight line, it is admiration and inspiration.

Let’s strive to be aligned and hold hands with love rather than sit on the opposite ends of the table and despise one another.

Wouldn’t the world be such a better place to live then?



27 thoughts on “Everyone has their own path in life – An ode to Jealousy

  1. This story reminds me of something. I don’t know you get me or not but yeah obviously I will never ever J of your Kay…๐Ÿ˜…

    Everyone have their own story and importance too.

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  2. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd HiMaLi.. And Yes HeLLoooVE
    With ‘Compersion’.. Sadly.. So Rarely A Term for Folks
    To Speak of in our Western So-Called Advanced Civilizations
    That this Term That Will be An Ode to the Opposite of Jealousy
    Does Not Pass A Spell Checker Test.. heHe.. But Never the Less..
    Yes.. Compersion Will Come iNto Fruition For All With/Who/Are Agape Love
    As The Empaths
    Among us
    Great Joy
    in Every Ounce
    of Joy in Agape Love
    For the Rest of Pleasure
    Over Pain that Nature Overall Brings
    But Of Course Perhaps A Curse of This
    Way of Agape LoVE iNCaRNaTE Being.. Better Put IS A
    Responsibility As A Natural Obligation is to Feel/Sense the
    Pain of Others And Champion Ways to End that Pain too..
    mY friEnd NoW
    iN All the ways
    Will come
    Over Pain
    iN Social Cooperation
    Among Humans All And
    the Rest of Nature Overall too As
    There is No Jealousy in the Global
    World of Agape Love.. but Sure.. Jealousy
    iS A DArk Force When Used iN Small Enough Measures
    WiLL Bring LiGHT OuT oF DArK too.. mY FriEnd.. NoW
    As SMiLes too When
    i Am Writing During
    the Day i often hear
    Katrina Clap Her Hands
    And Cheer for while it may
    Only Be a TV Show from the
    Scope of her “Lazy Girl” Chair..
    It Is The Joy She Feels and Senses
    when Something Great in Joy Happens
    to Another Human Being or the Rest of Nature
    in Saving Grace of Love to Give and Share More..
    And it’s True the Katrina Doesn’t Have a Jealous Bone
    in Her Body For While Many Wives or Girl Friends where
    i Live Might take Great Offense to See their Significant Other
    Or Husband Engaged in Ear to Ear Smiles of Beauty on a Dance
    Floor of Joy..
    The Katrina
    only Sees
    The Joy
    And Claps her
    Hands of Love With
    A Smile too.. iN FAct She
    Even Selects the Colorful T-Shirts
    i Wear and Makes Predictions on How
    Many Beautiful Smiles More the Color
    Full Shirts Will Bring in Joy too And It’s True too
    For all the Kind things you’ve told me that make
    me Smile and For All the Kind things you’ve Said about
    Her As This applies to Sohair and Shawna and Friend Rafiah
    Along With You Who Have Brought So Much Joy into my Life
    With all the Kind Things All These Friends Have brought to me
    i Share Them All
    With Katrina
    And All that
    Joy of Being
    Human She Shares As Gifts NoW
    in Empathy With me and Them too..
    Which of Course includes Y. O. U. too..
    With SMiLes More.. My Aim iN Life After the
    Work for Pay Years Are So Far Behind me Now..
    is to Bring JoY iN as Many Ways As i Can and Will Without
    Limit or Restraint to as Many People As I Can and Will NoW
    For the Rest of the Days And Nows of my Life and Sure.. Yes..
    That Will include
    Some Tougher
    Love too
    iS indeed
    DArk WHere
    LiGHT Comes From DArK oF LiFE too..
    So Compersion.. NoW An Anti-Jealous ‘God’ to Be
    iN Agape Love That/Who is Always ‘the Rich Person’
    With More Love to Give And Share iN ALL Ways Love
    Can and Will
    Come For Free
    As You Said the
    Other Day
    Coming Even
    Sooner.. NoW
    Blogs That And Who
    Will Always LoVEMoRENoW too..:)

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  3. Thank you for sharing this story, Himali. It is a very important lesson to react with understanding and compassion. It is worth the experiment. People are amazed and surprised when we react with love and welcome them too instead of reacting with jealousy and locking everyone out. That way we gain otherwise, in the end, we’ll only lose.

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    • Hello Erika! I so agree with you ๐Ÿ™‚

      “People are amazed and surprised when we react with love and welcome them too instead of reacting with jealousy and locking everyone out. That way we gain otherwise, in the end, weโ€™ll only lose.”

      I think you are a treasure of love, wisdom and warmth, I am blessed with your friendship ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs and love โค

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