The Gift of Y.O.U.


Every person we meet is a gift – meant to be loved and cherished.  Let’s say thank you to the people who matter 🙂

You are someone beautiful,
Someone so amazing…

Words aren’t enough,
To let you know…

How special you are,
To me, to this world,
And to everyone,
Whose life you touch…

You are a gift,
Meant to be cherished,
And celebrated,
Every single day…

– Love,
iMali 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Gift of Y.O.U.

  1. HeLLoVE iMaLi As it’s
    i have
    A HiPhone 6s
    Made By Apple
    And With an H
    iMali Becomes
    HiMali Now too..
    Yes.. i Do Love Clever
    Word Play Now and Why
    Owe You i Do Again with
    Y.O.U. As You is Such a Powerful
    Human Abstract Construct as You
    Is More Than Me as When Any two Human
    Beings Connect as Me and You and Even More
    as Us and them and Hopefully We as One Force Of
    LoVE Yes That FoRCE NoW That IS A Force oF God Lights
    uP Like Every Neuron in Our Brain wHere Human Beings NoW
    Have as Many Connections oF LiGHT From Head to Toe in
    Numerical Terms
    As High as the
    of the
    Stars As
    Science Aided
    Eyes Observe in
    the Quadrillion Plus
    Range of Numbers in
    Human Conception too of
    All of what we come to Perceive
    of the So-Called Physical Exterior
    UniVerse Outside of the Much More Vast
    Quantum Metaphor of the Inner Universe that
    is our Sub-Conscious through Conscious through
    Collective Conscious and Sub-Conscious Minds in
    Even Perhaps Larger View beyond Science as not only
    Collective Intelligence on Earth in Perceiving Sentient Beings
    Now but Perhaps Cosmic Consciousness too Farther than any
    Distance.. Space or Time Exactly and Precisely Eternally Now
    Forevermoremore now
    But who truly cares
    about all the
    PArts of This When
    Care Becomes Love Between
    You and Me and Us and Them
    As We Become One Force of Love
    As me as You Now as the Namaste
    of God i See in You So Thank Y.O.U. Why
    Owe You Is What Love Does For Free For You..:)

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    • I am amazed, Fred! Honestly,I didn’t think anyone would really notice the new signature style 😛 This post is specially dedicated to a dear friend as a birth “date” wish and we have our jokes on iTry, iSmile, iMali store etc. You truly got me. And yes, your ‘HiPhone 6s’ Made By Apple does capture beautiful shots 🙂

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