Colors of friendship

Fred – the fighter, the dancer and the one who always smiles ๐Ÿ™‚

This post is a special dedication to my dearest blogging pal, Fred ๐Ÿ™‚ There was a short poem I had written for Fred, which I wanted to share.

Fred, I wanted to say thank you for the gift of your friendship, the emails when I’d go on a social media break, encouragement to study for my CPA exams and countless smiles you bring to me. You are a beautiful blessing to every life you touch! Thank you for never leaving my side and your kindness.

Each of my friend who visits my blog asks me about the person who writes me beautiful comments in a poetic fashion and I smile to them saying, it’s my friend Fred, from Florida ๐Ÿ™‚


Colors of abundance,
Colors of friendship,
Colors of life,
Is what my friend, Fred
Brings to me…

From 7 oceans across,
12 months of the year,
Thank you God,
For the gift of him…ย ๐Ÿ™‚

– Himali

30 thoughts on “Colors of friendship

  1. WeLL.. HeLLoVE HiMaLi And Surely i do have a Few
    Words for the Honor You Provide to me with an Actual
    Blog Post Dedicated to me as a First of A Kind Deed Done
    for me on WordPress And Those Few Words As Andrew Gold
    Also Dances and Sings for the Gold of FRiEnDShip is ‘Thank
    You For Being A Friend’ And it’s True my FriEnd it could be no
    Other Way for
    me as i See
    the Love in FriEnd
    as You as True tHeRE
    is in Word Play Literally
    And Metaphorically A
    Fred in FRiEnD And
    it makes me very
    very Happy
    that you
    that Fred
    in FRiEnD For
    it is also True i am
    Celebrating my 96th Month
    in Writing 12 Million Or So Words
    Since i Started That Endeavor to Escape
    Shut-in Pain and iLL And Numb on Thanks
    Giving Day.. the 25th of November 2010.. as today
    is the 2914th Consecutive Day of Writing Without Fail
    And i must say with an Average of Writing 10 Hours a
    Day through the whole course of those Days for sure
    as i do the Accounting here too.. hehe.. as all 29,140
    Hours So Far Have Been Worth it Just to meet
    WordPress FriEnd HiMaLi in the Summer
    of 2015 where on Your Blog i also
    met Sohair and in turn gigoid
    on Her Blog as You saw
    me first on Prajakta’s
    Blog and
    me in Kind
    Words on my Blog
    as this is What’s so Great
    About WordPress as even someone
    as outlier as me can and will find a Handful
    of Friends who Do Actually Stay By Your Side
    if you Never Give up Searching for them for it is
    True i was looking for a Real Friend online ever
    Since that First Day of Writing and i’ve truly found
    A Forever Friend in HiMaLi where she said she would
    Always be a Friend of Fred and Katrina and Yellowboy
    as HiMaLI is Genuine and Sincere With Her Words as
    HiMaLi is not Just Human But Angel Human Now True
    The Best Thing About HiMaLi is when she speaks to
    Everyone on her Blog she Makes Them Feel
    Special as she Lifts each and every
    Person up to Her Angel Level of
    Love.. You
    are the
    mY FriEnd
    And one of the relatively
    Speaking Handful of People
    hehe.. who Can and Will Handle
    all of who i am Free to Be and as Katrina
    says.. not get too much of a Fredache as Headache
    ALong the Way as yes not unlike a Hurricane of
    Words my Bands of Winds Do Tend to go
    on and on in Spiraling Fashion as
    It’s True
    my FriEnd
    People Like
    Are Proof That God Exists..
    So i could not help but to
    Honor You With another
    Namaste Hurricane of
    Words So..
    Thank You
    For Being HiMaLi
    With thE Love oF Fred in FRiEnD..
    i Don’t Have to Go Far to See Heaven
    When i See FriEnd HiMaLi With HeLLoVE..:)

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  2. Fred deserves this post indeed…
    I wish I can write poetry…I want to write a poem for him also..
    His love for his friends is unconditional and endless..
    I learned a lot from him..
    May God bless him and God bless you too Himali …
    Great post โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

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