Sunshine and Ice-Cream: A photo blog

I’ve been lucky to spend some blissful time last week, soaking in the winter sun and enjoying ice-cream on rainy evenings. I wonder, if life could be more beautiful! Sharing some joy with my blogging family ❤ 🙂

Sunrise 🙂
Basking in the sunshine ❤
With music, life is good 😀
Ice-cream on rainy evenings ❤ 🙂

21 thoughts on “Sunshine and Ice-Cream: A photo blog

  1. Ice Cream on Fall to Winter Rainy Days
    to Sunlit Cool Afternoons Awaiting HiMaLi’s
    Birthday in Just 8 Days and 7
    Days as of now in
    United Arab
    Thank Goodness
    it is Seasonably Cool
    Enough For Hot Chocolate
    And Marshmallows for i do
    Enjoy Change of Seasons too..
    And Katrina Says You Look Particularly
    Pretty and So Happy As that Surely Shines
    Through Your Eyes of Joy Here too my FriEnd
    And.. Oh Goodness.. i misread Your Shirt Now at
    First as ‘Lighting is Pointless’ then but Now i see the
    F For L As That Certainly Makes Sense Now For sure..
    As Yes.. Fighting is Definitely Pointless and i cannot imagine
    Anyone Fighting
    With HiMaLi
    For Sure..
    Now And That
    Ice Cream surely
    Looks Creamy with
    The Cherry or other
    Berry Topping in the
    Cup too..main thing
    Is.. You are Happy
    As Happy Heals
    Most all ills and
    Discomforts in
    Life.. Yes.. Happiness is the
    Never Ending Ice Cream and
    Sunshine iNside That/Who Never Goes
    Away And Always Gives And Shares more..
    So.. Thanks For Sharing Your Ice Cream And
    Sunshine eYes Today and OBTW Your Hair Is So Beautiful too..:)

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