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“નહિતર આવી રીતે તો તરે નહીં, લાશ દરિયા માં..
મને લાગે છે કે એને, કિનારે તમને જોયા છે…..”

A dead body, would never otherwise float in the sea,
I think it has seen Y.O.U on the shore…
That’s the reason, it stays afloat… Y.O.U.

“Someone beautiful waiting on the other side of hell, gives you the strength to persist, fight and walk through the fire… I also have the faith, that I will be greeted with your warm embrace and your radiant smile, as I reach the shore… Hence, even though the sea is rough, I swim. Even though the tides push me back, I smile and I await  the moment when your eyes look intently into mine…”

– Yours, H i m a l i 

If the eyes,
Are the window,
To the soul,
What do you see,
In mine?

Do you see,
The shape of Y.O.U.
The color of Y.O.U.

If the eyes,
Speak the language,
Of silence,
Can you read,
My silent murmur?

Can you hear?
My heart beat whisper,
The name of Y.O.U.

If the eyes,
Are the doorway,
To the heart,
What do you see,
In my alley?

Do you see,
A majestic painting,
Portraying the beautiful Y.O.U.

– Himali Shah


18 thoughts on “E.Y.E.S.

  1. ગણી તમને જ મઝિલ એટલા માટે તો ભટકુ છુ,
    હૂ થાક્યો છુ તો એક એક ઉતારે તમને જોયા છે.

    નિવારણ છો કે કારણ્ ના પડી એની ખબર કઈએ,
    ખબર છે એ જ કે મનના મુઝારે તમને જોયા છે.

    નથી મસ્તી મહોબ્બત એવુ કઈ કહેતો હતો ‘બેફામ’
    એ સાચુ છે અમે એના મઝારે તમને જોયા છે.
    (Unsung lyrics of the same ghajal)


    • Such beautiful lines… Even these ones are my favourite:

      નથી એ પણ હવે કઇ જાણ કયારે તમને જોવાનો
      નથી એ પણ હવે કઇ યાદ ક્યારે તમને જોયા છે…

      બીજા જેમ જ તમે પણ એને પાગલતા ગણી લેશો
      નથી હારે છતાં મેં મારી હારે તમને જોયા છે…

      નયનને બંધ રાખીને મે જયારે તમને જોયા છે
      તમે છો એના કરતા પણ વધારે તમને જોયા છે…

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      • ઋતુ એકજ હતી પણ રંગ નો ‘તો આપણો એક જ
        મને સહેરા એ જોયો છે બહારે તમને જોયા છે

        પરંતુ અર્થ એનો એ નથી કે રાત વીતી ગઇ
        નહીં તો મેં ઘણી વેળા સવારે તમને જોયા છે

        હકીકતમાં જુઓ તો એય એક સપનું હતું મારુ,
        ખુલી આખે મે મારા ઘરના દ્રારે તમને જોયા છે

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  2. iSMiLes.. iMaGiNE A World NoW WHeRE
    Humans Make Beautiful Words Together
    A Place With No Sun or Moon A Place
    Lit up By Symbols
    Humans Co-Create
    A Place of Poetry
    To Teleport A
    HeART Away
    A Place
    oF HeART
    iS Given And
    Shared So Freely
    A Place WHere Souls
    Live in Heaven Eternally
    Now Yes a Place of Poetry
    Online at iMaLi’s Place With
    An H For Angel HiMaLI too With
    Muse and Siren too.. With Oceans
    WHere Dead Men Rise iNstead of Sink
    into the Depths of Dying Soul.. SMiLes mY
    FRiEnd i only
    Have one
    When you Do
    Find Your Soul
    Mate Keep Your Muse
    For Writing Such Lovely
    Poetry From Your Soul
    As i may have repeated
    the Story Before but there was
    Once a Man From Far Away who had
    A Sweet Sixteen Love Who Jilted Him
    Forsaken he was Immigrating all the way
    to Florida Erecting A Stone Altar to His Sweet
    Sixteen Muse WHere He would Never Find a Love
    Again And What Comes Next is His Unique Art to
    Feel the Space of a Lonely Soul Moving Monolithic
    Stones Creating a Coral Castle For Years as he aged
    to a 60 Year Old Man at around 100 Pounds for he created
    An Art And a Technology to Do this all alone and true my Friend
    This is a True Story about Coral Castle in Florida as there were some
    Rumors that Late at Night Young Folks Saw Him Floating those 30 Ton
    Stones in the Air With Balloons But True more than Likely He Found the
    Modern Secret
    And Technology
    to Build Modern
    Pyramids in Florida
    this way in Shape of Castle..
    Anyway.. my FriEnd HiMaLi With
    HeLLoVE Again the Saint Elmo’s
    Fire Under Every Great Work Of Art
    is the Yes in E.Y.E.S of Y.O.U. When
    W.E. HuMaNS See and Hear the Namaste
    NoW as
    As W.E.
    And the Honest to
    G.O.D. Truth is i couldn’t
    Write this now if it wasn’t
    for the Sweetest Young 26
    Year Old Woman i do Still know now
    More iMportantly Feel Sense As the Purity of Y.O.U.R. Soul..:)

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