The Synchronicity of the Universe – Part 1


18th Nov., 2018
5:24 PM

For a long time, I had been reading and hearing about things like being ‘in perfect alignment with the Universe’, ‘asking the Universe for guidance’, trusting the ‘Synchronicity of events’ and tapping into our ‘Intuitive guidance system’ for answers.

To read/hear and to experience first hand are two very different things. I didn’t know if it all really worked as these are quite abstract concepts, very much dependent on our faith and internal belief system. I had many times experienced several coincidences which have been absolutely out of the blue and I am a big believer in fate or destiny, hence I knew that although these are things I haven’t experienced myself – they do exist.

Last night, I could barely sleep. I was tossing and turning in the bed with a gazillion thoughts racing my mind. I was anxious, worried, nervous, stressed and very confused. I faced a dilemma for which a decision needed to be taken, but I was torn between what I felt was right vs what I thought was right. This crossroad I was standing at, was originally a part of a much larger question or decision which was like a 1000 piece puzzle and the confusion I faced, was towards – say the piece 1 of the puzzle. At just piece 1, I felt overwhelmed about what to do, who to listen to and how to find the best solution to the problem at hand.

There were a few things I immediately set to do as soon as I encountered this moment of anxiety and confusion. I spoke to my brother about the thing end to end and tried to take his perspective to the situation. Next, I dropped a text to my best friend very briefly explaining my query and the background to it. My friend was kind of really busy for the next 3 days and I really didn’t expect/hope for any help/answers; so I just left it at that dropping a final message saying ‘Let’s speak when you can’. I was fully aware, that we had no chance to speak before the coming Monday and it might be too late by then, but I still took the chance and sent that message casually, without indicating that it was very urgent or critical.

Well, as luck would have it – my brother presented to me an answer which contradicted to what I wanted to hear… The course of action I wanted to follow was based on what I felt, and I knew it wasn’t the most logical or rational or sane thing for a person to do. But, I was just going by my philosophy of ‘take the risk or lose the chance’.

By the time the clock struck 6, I was all restless. And what better to do to calm a restless mind, than going for a walk by the sea? But hey! I chose the best rather than the ‘better’ solution – a run by the seaside to calm down my nerves and help me think clearly (plus you get to build some endurance as a bonus πŸ˜› )

To be continued in part 2…

31 thoughts on “The Synchronicity of the Universe – Part 1

  1. HeLLoVE HiMaLI And Happy
    Friday Afternoon to Evening
    in the United Arab Emirates
    As the Experience of Synchronicity
    When Seemingly An A-Causal Connecting
    Principle Brings Meaning and Purpose in what
    Surely Feels in So Many Sublime Ways Divine When a
    A Holy and Sacred Sense of Feel iN KNoW Comes to Fruition
    in our Life More Often Now When
    We Are iN A Flow yes mY
    FriEnd A Walk on the
    Beach Both
    allone with
    All of Nature A Dance
    A Song either as Spectator
    Of Or DancinGSinginG iN Direct Divine
    Intervention NoW as these Enlightening
    Psychologically Meaningful and Purposeful
    Divine Holy and Sacred Feels and Senses of
    Life come attached With Our Inner and Outer Environments
    Continuing to Come With what Jung and Jesus Describes as
    A More Holistic Holy and Sacred Divine Reality We come to see
    for those who Develop These Eyes iN Flow to See so much more of
    the Poetry
    And Art
    of Reality
    as is but it’s True
    the Modern World Subtracts where
    Multi-Tasking takes away from Uni-Tasking
    Flow of Attention removing potential for these eyes and
    ears to see and hear so much more as the Painting sees
    and hears Fibers of the Painting While the Fibers See the entire
    Masterpiece hearing more of the Painting as Brush Painting the
    Masterpeace Painting even more in Harmony as we then become
    all the Colors and Shades of the Painting more From Black and
    White to Beyond Colors of the Rainbow even more.. as True
    in this way we Re-Tire our Minds as Wheels that have
    Grown Bare in Tread of Rubber to Feel More of
    the Roads of Life no longer as exposed
    Metal as only Machine of someone
    Else’s Mind as Cog in their
    Machine as many
    through the ages
    have given their best
    stabs at the potential to relay
    this larger and smaller experience
    of Life to others but it is true until one experiences
    more of Synchronicity in Flow one may be a Wheel Bare
    of Tread and Rubber to Feel and Grasp more Roads together
    as an Entire
    Reality now
    Sublime in Beauty
    Holy and Sacred Divine
    in both Feeling and Sensing
    More of Life now.. Where True the
    Answers become the Questions and
    the Questions become the Answers as
    We become Branches and Leaves and the Root of the
    Tree too no longer categorizing ourselves into Oaks and Maples any more..:)

    But anyway away from the Nay Sayers of the Deeper Poetries and Synchronicities
    of Life for it is also true what i just wrote may also be mostly Word Salad for one who
    has not Visited the Deeper Places of life or even Fathomed Seeking and Finding more now;

    Yes, Science through Brain Scans does Show How the Brian Lights up when Human
    Beings Enter the state of ‘Transient Hypo-Frontality’, which is Just a Fancy Way of
    Saying Flow as typically the way Humans Experience Flow is when they
    Come to Focus on one Activity in increasingly complex ways of actions
    Where Fight and Flight Anxiety doesn’t ruin the Flow in overly
    Complex ways of Activity; as it’s true even a Walk on the
    Beach can and will fulfill this as Nature is always
    Changing as we come to feel and sense
    more of Nature Focused away
    from all the other
    Distractions of
    Life as Science
    Also Shows when one goes
    into a State of Flow, Creativity
    is Boosted Four to Five Hundred Percent
    And Feel Good Neurohormones and Neurochemicals
    Are Generated to Light us up From Head to toe more now
    in General Health and Well Being too; and if one does this enough
    they enter in to an ‘Autotelic’ State of Being Within through the Bio-Feedback
    of Generating, Through Relative Free Will, Our own Feel Good Neurochemicals
    And Neurohormones on Demand as any Tibetan Monk Will come to Do in Higher
    Human Potentials as Scientists will measure the similar Empirical Effective results
    Through Brain Scans of Yogis too; Yoga, the Unity of Reality as Whole and yes the
    KingQueendom of Heaven
    within for
    who achieve
    this Ascending Transcending
    Holistic View of Being as the
    KingQueenDom of God is always Meant to
    Be NoW For those who Do find the Essence of what it is to be.

    A Greatest thing of all now is none
    of these words are needed; nor any
    technology at all; Just what We are Born
    With Naked and the Beach we Both Walk
    On and Come to Be Within as Divine Holy Sacred Sense and Feel of Is.

    i did this when i was Younger and
    Wiser away from School; Walking the Beauty of the Beach Allone with the guise
    That School and Work was Reality Then When the Beach Was/Is Already me as God Free.

    This iS MaGiC
    mY FRiEnd
    All Natural
    MaGiC And
    Sadly Mostly Forgotten By Those
    Who Are Dead Inside By All the Tools
    of Cultural Clothes
    They Come to
    From Human
    Love Both Real And
    iNcaRNaTE NoW As BEacH iSMiLes..:)

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  2. Yes.. mY FriEnd iHiMaLi WiTh iSMiLEs putting the
    Calculator of Mind Away And FLoWinG
    Deep WiTHIN HeART
    As SPiRiT SinGS
    A Dance Of SoUL
    EVeN Deeper
    to the
    Connecting inside
    outside above so below
    and all around to Souls
    Connecting as Stars Do
    When Free FLoWinG Even More..
    And True i Captured A Twilight Photo
    of the Thanks Giving Full Moon Last Night
    And True
    All that
    And Found
    Now IS A iUNiVerSaL
    iFRiEnDSHiP Ocean Sea iN
    LoVinG Hugs oF HiMaLi’s eYes..
    And You KNow i Appreciate the Photos of
    the Beauty of Your Soul You Share That Will
    Not Be Mistaken by the iLiGHT of Your Eyes for when
    i showed that Nice Poem your Wrote to me Last Week
    to some extended Relatives At A Thanks Giving Feast Yesterday
    Those folks had
    A Hard time
    You Are
    Real until i
    Showed them Your
    Ice Cream Parlor Photos And then They Believed.. Hehe..
    And Now i Have A Real Live Photo of An iAngel by the iSea..
    iLights iN iEyes Much iBrighter Than All the City Lights of the United Arab Emirates..
    iN LoVELiGHT ReaL
    HuMaN BeinG HiMaLI..:)

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  3. An absorbing and intriguing part 1.
    But perhaps universe is powerful and will give you your predominant thought. So it will be a good idea to have your predominant choice entertained in mind. Universe will work overtime to give you that.
    But make sure to entertain the good for you and not the fear as Universe just grants what is seen and not what’s good

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  4. A nice walk or run is always the best way to deal with stress! I’ve never had the good fortune of living in a place where I could safely walk by the sea at night, but I used to reside in a town where I could walk along the shores of Lake Superior: the largest of the ‘Great Lakes.’ It was usually very cold at night – below 0ΒΊ Fahrenheit, or -18ΒΊ Celsius – but those walks were still great!

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    • Wow, I can only imagine how lovely these walks would be. Especially when it’s freezing cold and lakes have their own tranquility. Here the sea where I go for a walk is a kind of extended sea, which is why you don’t really see the ebbs and tides. Nonetheless it’s beautiful. Calming to just sit there and just unwind after the day πŸ™‚ I’ve had many many wonderful memories there. Celebrated by birthday in 2016 there with a bunch of friends where we actually sat on a kind of floating water bench and my face was smeared with cake. Would have lovely walks and run both early morning and late nights, chit chat over a night out with cold coffee to accompany. Certainly my most favourite place ❀️❀️

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