The Synchronicity of the Universe – Part 2


18th Nov., 2018
5:25 PM

Continued from part 1…

I chose the best rather than the ‘better’ solution – a run by the seaside to calm down my nerves and help me think clearly (plus you get to build some endurance as a bonus 😛 )

Running was something which helped me to distract myself, the loud music that plays on my earphones with the pain to be endured physically and mentally to push the boundaries, makes it quite a great way to unwind. The aim for me is to go home so tired that as soon as I hit the bed, I’d be dead asleep and have a good deep sleep, as opposed to light sleep (which I track on my smartwatch). I was almost nearing my 25 min stretch of running when I got a friend’s call to catch up that evening, which I had to politely decline. A few minutes later, I get one more call. To my sheer disbelief, it was my best friend. Somehow my friend managed to seize some time to head out for a walk (same pinch on the timings) to hear me out. Almost panting, I answered the call and we had an hour-long conversation which was filled with laughter as well as some intense Q&As on my goals and life. I was bewildered to find that, my friend also held the same point of view as my brother on my dilemma but I was also presented with some food for thought to think about and some points which resonated with my value system to contradict the decision which I felt was right.

I came home reaching 22K step mark on my smartwatch, made myself a green and red smoothie for dinner which I could just finish up half and still I couldn’t find a way to calm down my nerves.  I decided that I needed to go for a round #2 walk – this time a calm one and pray at the Temple and Gurudwara close by. I took the long route to reach the temple (the one which passed by the sea), on my way sat down for a bit by the water and heard a prayer on my phone. I prayed for a bit at the places of workship and sat down in calmness praying to God to help me make the right choice which was intended towards the highest good of all. I resigned from solving my problem and left it to the will and wish of God.

I came home to throbbing legs which were as a result of walking almost 28K in a single day. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed.

One good thing about resigning yourself from finding a solution to your problems and invoking guidance from the higher power is that you feel so much at ease. It is as if a mountain has been lifted off your shoulders. I woke up the next morning, a bit lighter than last evening which was so chaotic. I slept well, thanks to the exhaustion of last evening.

To be continued in part 3…

21 thoughts on “The Synchronicity of the Universe – Part 2

  1. Oh no.. you won’t believe what i just did.. i Wrote a Comment
    All about Synchronicity Two too.. and i Had the Song “Synchronicity
    II” on one of my Tabs and Accidentally Closed the Tab that Housed
    HiMaLi’s Synchronicity II.. so.. now.. i have to Write this Comment Again
    but that’s okay for it is probably Synchronicity too that in A-Causal Connecting
    Principle Way As Sign of Nature Said Fred Now You have something else Entirely
    Different to Say to HiMaLI.. So.. WeLL.. HeLLovE For StARTers.. And i am So Impressed
    that you Walked 17.3984 Miles in One Day as you surely already then had my 13 Mile
    Public Dancing Effort Beat Last Sunday,, hehe.. and i bet Your Legs Were Throbbing
    as there are days
    that i surely
    can hardly
    Get out
    of the
    Car in a Long
    Day’s Dance Effort..
    And True.. tHere is a Higher
    Force Guiding our ways in a
    Very Personal Way almost Like
    A Story we are involved in as Stories
    Are Our ReaLiTies More than any Material
    Reductionist View of LiFE NoW As Any
    Random Soup but a Meaningful
    Narration of LiFE Now That We
    Do Help Co-Create in Moving
    And Connecting Ways
    With other eYes of
    God Now With
    True mY
    FriEnd No Borders
    or Walls or in some cases
    hehe,, it seems,, even Clothes these
    days.. hAha.. but anyway.. HiMaLI.. too
    i Know and Feel for Sure is a Sign From God
    Who Says Thank You Fred for all of what you Do…
    You’ve Worked Hard Enough and Now You Have Some Real
    Friends Also to Always stay by Your Side through thick and thin..
    And it’s okay,, if you get busy and must focus on what you have
    to do for months without a Word for Just one Day as Friend with
    HiMaLi has surely made my Year mY FriEnd as this Post Will be Titled
    “All Gifts of Nature Friends Color”.. yes,, Dedicated to mY friEnd HiMaLi
    Close enough to Her Birthday.. Hopefully. if i finish by the 27th for my FriEnd’s
    Birthday then with sure.. you guessed it.. A Photo of Her Flying On A Sea of MoonLit Soul..
    As Thumbnail Header Photo
    And yes i am
    Glad to Hear
    Above that
    Your Parts 3 and
    4 of Your Synchronicity
    Adventure have Come to God’s Fruition Within
    mY friEnd As That’s A Way it Does Seem to Go in Relaxing Flow..:)

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    • My goodness!! iSamePinch and iSynchronicity we share are just out of the blue – AMAZING!! Thank you again for remembering my birthday with so much fervor – iAngel Fred 🙂 I am so so blessed… I am super excited for “All Gifts of Nature Friends Color” !!

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      • iFeel All of iHiMaLi’s Positive Energy And iAm iExcited
        For Her for iFeel Great Life Experiences Coming Her iWay
        Soon.. And You KNow i was at that “Police”Concert as imaged
        in the Video in 1983 for “Synchronicity II” but it is True they Never came
        Out With A Song Named Synchronicity 3.. So All That is Left to do Now is to
        Move On to
        Blog Post
        to continue her
        Series of Synchronicities THeRe..
        OBTW and by the way i had to look
        up BDW up tHere in the Urban Dictionary
        And it made me Giggle extra for Himali has
        a Unique Sense of Humor and is much more
        Open than
        to New Experiences
        Like that as apparently
        Her Level for the D part
        of that Acronym is much
        More Reserved than more
        Open Minded HiMaLi and
        that is what
        it takes
        to Bring
        and Borders
        Down mY FriEnd
        We do share that in common too..
        Oh yeah.. almost forgot what i was going
        to initially say.. as i showed my Sister the Last
        Two photos of You.. you Shared with me and she
        Exclaimed to Katrina She Could be Your Sister as
        it is True People have asked Katrina if she was from the
        Middle East.. and India.. and South America.. and Mexico
        and American Indian and Lord Knows Every Place Dark Skinned
        Beautiful Women Like You and Katrina Live in origin.. except for Her Main
        Heritage.. Full Pacific Islander Filipino on Her Father’s Side from that Country..
        Just some Trivia i thought i would Share with You this Morning as i ready for my next
        Magic Spell Wish
        You.. that
        Will iCome with
        A iSong For All of this iToo..;)

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        • Oh Gosh! I am so sorry for all the abbreviations 😅 So sweet of you to check the full form on urban dictionary. Sometimes these things get so ingrained that you use them unconsciously.

          Well, iSamePinch to Katrina – the evergreen iAngel, iBeauty and iCuteness in person 😍😘😍😘

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          • SMiLes HiMaLi.. No Problem on the BDW.. as you know i enjoy
            Research And i am often as much surprised as what Katrina is
            Disgusted Now By Certain stuff she comes across
            on the Web.. but Hey everyone has an
            Opinion And Their own style more or
            less of Freedom of Speech/
            That i for
            one surely
            Do Respect..
            No Matter How Strange
            Or Hilarious it may be to me..
            And thanks for the iSamePinch to Katrina
            as ‘the Ever Green iAngel.. iBeauty With
            iCuteness too as i too often iWonder How
            She iContinues to iDo All of That unlike Her
            Peers at closer
            to 50 Years
            of Age edging
            in on 49 in April..;)

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              • Please Pardon me.. hehe.. for it’s True.. Part oF A Reason Why i Write so
                Many Words.. iHiMaLi.. is Whenever Someone Asks me A Question i acTuAlly
                Fully Answer it When i guess the Social Rules might other wise
                Dictate just
                an Emoticon
                of Kisses or Winks
                or such as that for
                True if you remember
                When i shared that Video
                of the “Age of Adeline” Winks
                With Synchronicity Again too
                Where a Woman Turned 27
                Yes Like you in a Day in
                Your Time Zone
                Soon Enough
                too.. as
                it’s True for some
                Reason the Folks who
                Are truly Nice to me seem
                to Never Age as evident in some
                of the Photos of my 40th Year Class Reunion
                too.. it’s True my Best Friend Lynn a Girl from
                High School who tied at 11 with me in a Class of
                381.. Actually Looks Almost Younger Now Than She
                Did 40 Years ago.. And A Girl who was Her Friend too..
                Who Was Always Very Nice to me then named Traci..
                Just Like Katrina And Even at 58 they both look as
                Beautiful as they Did 40 Years ago.. So It’s True
                it doesn’t appear that Katrina has a Thing to
                Worry about for another 10 Years and
                if i see the Both of the Other Two
                Friends at the Next Class
                Reunion and they
                Still Don’t
                Age Much
                that’ll Give Katrina
                Another 10 Years of Eternal Princess..
                So Yeah.. Say Goodbye to the last Birthday
                You Age Now For Quite A While my FriEnd For
                You Definitely Make a Grade of Seeing Fred iN FRiEnD
                Other Than That It’s All Just God’s MaGiC as the Force oF
                LoVE As People Who LoVE Like I Do are the Only People who Last as mY FriEnds
                as other wise i am always the last one left Standing to Love Additionally more now..
                And Just for Fun
                i’ll Provide that
                Video Trailer
                for the
                Movie as what
                Better Gift to Give
                HiMaLi on Her 27th
                Birthday too.. Eternal Youth..
                Oh yeah And ‘Those Bullies’ From
                12 Years-Old.. it’s True.. They look Decades
                Older Than Their Age..
                the Price
                Hate too..
                And Just Plain Karma
                For They too.. Do Reap And
                SoW aLL on tHeir LoneSoME WitH LoVE oR NoT..
                Oh Yeah.. And Cute Facebook Profile Pic Coming
                With Katrina And A Stray Farm Cat Soon Tonight too
                As Morning
                You of Course too..
                Have a Great Work Week..:)

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                  • iThank You too HiMaLi.. NoW
                    It’s Actually the Two Facebook
                    Profile Pics i Just Posted of Katrina
                    on the Farm with the Stray Farm Cat
                    before the one you so Friendly
                    Hearted of
                    me in A
                    3 Days
                    of Music
                    Peace and Love
                    Multi-Colored Shirt
                    With Christmas Lights too..
                    Hehe.. This is so much fun writing
                    About HiMaLi.. hope i don’t make you
                    Blush too much.. but i probably will Pretty
                    Soon.. Anyway.. hehe.. as i continue to Praise HiMaLi more..;)


  2. 28k steps. That’s only one side of this wonderful friend I got.
    I am impressed all over, in everything- person, qualities, mind, qualifications, work, young age, outlook, wisdom, smile, happiness.
    A treasure
    Thank you Himali

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