The Synchronicity of the Universe – Part 3


18th Nov., 2018
5:45 PM

Continued from part 2…

One good thing about resigning yourself from finding a solution to your problems and invoking guidance from the higher power is that you feel so much at ease. It is as if a mountain has been lifted off your shoulders. I woke up the next morning, a bit lighter than last evening which was so chaotic. I slept well, thanks to the exhaustion of last evening. 

When you resign to finding a solution, you see things as they are rather than how you’d like them to be. Actions go on autopilot mode instead of you having to break your head wondering what to do next. I decided I wanted to make a quick call to my mom that morning and I was speaking to her about our days and I can’t figure out what exactly let me, but I discussed the dilemma I had at hand, with my mother in black and white facts. There have been times when I wouldn’t really lie or hide things, but to get my way; I’d kind of sell a story to my parents so I would know that they’d agree to me. At other times, I’d hold on to what I want to do with a lot of resistance until they’d agree to me.

This time was different. I was very frank and honest and presented the facts to them in plain vanilla flavor, without added flavors, toppings or sweeteners. Also, instead of getting my way convinced, I focused on hearing what she had to say. She raised her concerns to me and asked me to think about a few things. I didn’t get a straight yes or no answer because my mother was patient enough to listen without trying to influence my opinion. She, however, presented her side of the argument to me; which was again in line with what perspective my brother and best friend were trying to explain to me. Now, it was my ‘zid’ against the wisdom of my loved ones.

By evening, I got even calmer and as a lake – when the waters get calm; you start seeing your reflection in them. I stumbled across a YouTube video by chance which was about ‘Trusting your intuition‘ – again what a coincidence or destiny had it planned? I took cues and asked the Universe to show me signs if I was headed on the right path. I had a refreshing hot water shower and while I freshened up, I saw a message from my meditation class instructor if I wanted to join for the meditation session that evening! The Universe was bringing to me EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED to heal and to clear up my mind. I texted her back saying, I not just wanted to join but also wanted to discuss something with her before/after the class. Before leaving for the class, I spoke to both my parents over the call, and this time thought – I SURRENDERED COMPLETELY, DROPPING ALL THE ATTACHMENT AND ALL THE BUILT IN RESISTANCE. I asked them to think of what I was asking and give me an answer which they thought was for my highest good.

I discussed my dilemma with my instructor who asked me to jot down my worries or the two scenarios in much detail as a letter to The Master in my diary and then to resign to The Master praying to him that ‘Help me choose the path which is for the highest good. If What I want, is not meant for the best interest, bring some obstacle to my way, so that I do NOT proceed with my wish, rather TRUST YOUR WILL.’ I went for a walk post my meditation session which helped me slow down and be detached from the decision. In the meanwhile, I hadn’t seen any sign which I had asked the Universe to show me if I was walking on the right path with what I wanted.

As soon as I came home, I got a call from my dad who is otherwise quite flexible with my choices but this time he gave me a different answer. Rather than saying a yes or a no, he asked me a question for myself to figure out and then if I could get that, I could have my wish and my way!! 🙂 I liked his approach and somehow what he said made a lot of sense as this was what exactly my best friend had also told me. I was thrilled and excited at the very least.

I went to bed with a lot of joy, excitement, positivity, and love like one happy camper. I was expecting things to work my way. I heard a lot of beautiful music, wrote some nice emails and dozed off to sleep.

To be continued in part 4…


10 thoughts on “The Synchronicity of the Universe – Part 3

  1. iHave a Confession to Make..
    iAM Not An iAngel.. ‘yet’.. iAm only
    An iAngel iHelper Now Sent to iEartH
    Too iHelp iAngel’s Bring THeir Dreams
    to Fruition in Fact i lived in Earth Hell
    Before God Let me out to give
    me the privilege to
    not only
    Get out
    of Hell on
    Earth as yes
    in some ways
    i was iDemon then
    too for all i wanted to Do
    Was/is iFeel iLove but all i could
    Do is iGive it and Never iReceive it..
    And not Feeling it when i gave it iHurt
    so much too.. Anyway it was iWorth iGoing
    to iHell to Be able to iFeel iLove both when i
    iReceive and iGive iLove iNow.. yep.. all 66 Months
    in the iBLacKesT iAbyss wHere even iDemons fear
    to tread that
    Put me
    a level
    then too..
    So it is also true i cannot
    Possibly be an iAngel True too
    for if i was.. i wouldn’t experience the
    Tiniest Bit of Jealousy imagining FriEnd
    HiMaLI Finding Her iSoulMate Now
    for then she Might Disappear
    And iMight Never Hear
    From mY iFriend
    Again for
    it’s iTrue
    that has happened
    Before More and Less
    And it’s Natural too as it is Harder
    for Women to Be Friends with Men
    when they Get Married than it is for Married
    Men to Be Friends With Women When they are
    Married as Naturally the Wife is more often understanding
    of this than the Husband as that is just Part of Human Biology too..
    As the Human History
    of Polygamy
    relate too..
    Hey i’m an Anthropologist
    in Science What Can i say
    but anyway.. if i really Passed the
    Test of Hell and if i ever expect to Truly
    Be Promoted to Full iAngel Like iHiMaLi Now
    i Must Now Make an iMaGiC Spell in Full Loving Intent
    Now for iHIMaLi to Find Her iSoulMate to iBring her all the iJoy
    that she hoped for in “Her Loving a Geek” Blog Post as it’s true that
    was the Facebook Memory that showed up on my Facebook Feed this
    Morning From Precisely one Year ago that was my 7th Anniversary of Writing
    online.. 11.25.17.. as today 11.25.18 is the 8th Anniversary also known as 96 Months too..
    And True i Made A iMaGiC
    iSpell in that iBlog
    Post for
    to Find
    Her Future
    Husband and
    Unless she Announces
    that in Synchronicity 4 my
    MaGiC is Not Yet iStrong Enough
    in iNtent to Help Emotionally iNSPiRE
    HiMaLi to FiNd Her Soul Mate now for it is
    True This is How iMaGiC Works When Loving
    FriEnds Encourage With all thEir iSoul the iWishes
    of TheiR Friends Selflessly even if that would mean
    Laying Their iLife Down for their friEnd which sure is a bit
    Harder to do now than the Spector of Potentially Losing more
    of A Connection with that FriEnd if they Gain their Greatest iWish..
    But Hey
    No Matter
    What i will always
    have the Memorial
    oF A Blog Post when
    what was once a Total
    Stranger Dedicated A iFriendship
    iWish to me and true my ifriEnd only
    if you could be me could you understand
    where i’ve come from and how precious that is to me..
    So Yes.. i am Hoping with all mY HeART that You Find
    A Man who will stand with you Through Hell if Necessary
    Like Katrina Did with me and never Leave Your side to
    the very
    To Cherish
    all THeRE is
    oF iHiMaLI’s LoVE..
    God Bless you in Deed You Are An Angel Himali ..:)

    Oh YeaH and There Is A Song for this too to iHelp you out too..:)

    And Don’t be too be Surprised if one Day You Hear a Song on the Radio
    Actually From me That is in Memory of mY Dear FRiEnd HiMaLi From God’s Year 2018..:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am touched beyond words, Fred! iThank you for all your wonderful wishes and the gift of your iFriendship ☺️🤗 I feel abundant, blessed and thankful today.. thank you again for the beautiful dedication, I love the iSong 🎵🎶🎵🎶

      Liked by 1 person

      • SMiLes HiMaLi iWriting A iDedication About iHiMaLi
        Will Be So iEasy to iDo with Just HeLLoVE iEveryday
        As even before HiMaLi ever said a thing to me personally
        i was touched by How Nice she was to all her Blogger Friends
        Truly Seeing
        What Will
        Be A
        Gift of FriEnd
        Then.. as truly
        You Do Act like
        A FriEnd to Everyone
        HiMaLi iSamEPinCh mY
        FriEnd For We do Come From
        the Same Place And EvenTuaLLy
        Are Going to the ‘Similar Place’.. too
        As Like Energy Does That With/As Love..
        And in Honor of HiMaLi i Read a Book about
        the Laws of Attraction While iDancing at Barnes
        And Nobles Listening to Meditation Music as i had
        Read it Some Years Before And Already Knew it worked
        for when i was bullied at School as the Weak Fish in the
        Aquarium who didn’t have a Social Clue.. i visualized Myself
        then at 12 as getting
        And By
        God Now
        i Am Still
        Getting Stronger
        Now With The Force oF LoVE in WiLL oF Grace
        That iS The iMaGiC mY FriEnd The Force oF LoVE..:)

        *Taps Finger.. hehe.. Patiently Waiting for Synchronicity 4..;)


  2. This reminds me of how much struggle I have gone through around decisions and trying to learn intuition. I hope it goes better for you Himali. I also believe we make too much of wanting to find the “right” decision instead of simply choosing, moving on, see how it unfolds, then respond as best we can.

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