The Synchronicity of the Universe – Part 4


18th Nov., 2018
6:15 PM

Continued from part 3…

I went to bed with a lot of joy, excitement, positivity, and love like one happy camper. I was expecting things to work my way. I heard a lot of beautiful music, wrote some nice emails and dozed off to sleep.

I woke up around 2:30 AM tossing and turning on the bed to some messages on my proposed solution being tossed. I was upset as I hadn’t declined the proposed idea, I just added a layer to it for the assurance of the people who matter to me. I was okay to proceed provided I saw the same dedication from the other side as well. I was quite positive on this before going to bed, but I woke up to excuses and greed. All of it was a big red flag. I immediately got my answer. The Universe gave me my answer. It not just gave me the answer for the 1 piece of the puzzle I was looking at (how to go from point A to point B) but in fact solved the 1000 piece puzzle in the shortest and simplest yet most magnificent and modest stroke. It showed me the entire bigger picture view, I was missing – the A to Z of the path. 

I decided to take this as a sign or as my answer from the Universe and go ahead with this. Although it was the exact opposite of what I initially wanted to do, it made perfect sense to chuck the plan. I gracefully declined the idea and apologized for the confusion and said very clearly that ‘I spoke to my parents and my mentor and this is what they think. They haven’t denied me what I am asking for to do. I can’t defy these people. They have just asked what I am asking for as an assurance for their comfort and my well being and I think it makes sense.’ After a long time, I found my voice and took my stand. Without any fear or worry. With my head held high, I spoke my heart.

Like a full-blown ballon being touched with a hot needle, the entire saga delated down. I was still quite worried about one aspect of the entire thing for which I couldn’t really sleep. I prayed to God to sort the final piece of the chaos. And to my sheer disbelief, it was taken care in the matter of an hour of without a single scar. In the meanwhile, I found comfort talking about my worries with a friend in a different time zone who happened to be awake luckily at that late hour and who calmed me in the interim.

Finally, the whole confusion was cleared and I called it a night at 4:50 AM 😛 What a roller coaster ride these two days had been! Although they had been very stressful and emotionally challenging, I learned some very important lessons for myself.

  • I learned what matters to me and why, and what makes me uncomfortable.

  • I learned that I had to identify and also enforce my boundaries and stand up for myself.

  • I learned that I was quite naive in a lot of experiences to go through in life and that I should not hesitate to seek help from the people I trust and love, as they are none other than God’s angel’s sent to look after and guide you in moments of vulnerability…

  • Lastly . . . . . The Universe has abundant synchronicities for you, only if your quiet down a bit, and focus on the coincidences it brings to you. 

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21 thoughts on “The Synchronicity of the Universe – Part 4

  1. “The Synchronicity of the Universe-Part 4” by HiMaLI With The Biggest
    UniVersal Human Picture That Is ALWaYS LoVE WiTH HeLLoVE HiMaLI
    too.. And i Am so Happy That God’s Language to You in UniVersaL River
    Ocean Whole Flow of Synchronicity has Brought A Resolution to Your Dilemma
    As Reviewing in my Memory Now all Four Parts of Your Synchronicity Story.. IT Does
    Seem Both Physically And Emotionally.. A Very Taxing Day for You Last Week from the
    17th through the 18th of November which Just means HiMaLI is JusT A MoRE iAMaZinG iAngel
    iFRiEnD for in some Miraculous Way she still took the Precious Hours out of an almost unbelievable
    Schedule of Work and Communicating with Her Mentor and all of Her ‘Real Life’ Friends to Dedicate
    A Friendship Blog Post to an Online Friend she has Never Met in the Flesh and Blood but of course has
    Seen Just about a Thousand Selfies of in the Last 3.5 Years.. hehe.. as that’s Just about how many come in
    one 30K or so Word MacroVerse in Just one Blogging Free Verse Stream of Consciousness Synchronicity
    Loaded Blog Post from me but oh.. not today as it is now 9:23 PM in the United Arab Emirates which Means
    Himali’s 27th BirthDay in Her Time Zone Now is Just a Count Down of 2 Hours and 37 Minutes away so
    What this Means is to Deliver my Version of a Dedication in WordPress Friendship With HiMaLI by the
    Birthline of Her Birthdate this Year is.. This MacroVerse is gonna be Closer to 10K Words and Perhaps
    Even Short Enough for ‘Mortals’ to Read.. Haha.. but yes of course it will probably have too many
    Photos Still to open for most Folks.. But i’ve already Written the Most Important PArts to
    HiMaLi Personally as it’s True and No Secret that every Moment i speak with HiMaLi
    It Is a Dedication to our FriEndship and i do do the best i can and will to do
    this with Everyone i Meet both online and off
    but it’s True not Everyone has iAngel iEars
    Like HiMaLi who iCan and
    also iWill See
    Helper in
    the iFlesh..
    yes.. the iFlesh
    And iBlood oF iLoVE
    Who iKNows and iFeels
    And Senses no iBoundaries
    but an oPen Gate For Love
    But True my Friend it is
    iMportant to Establish
    Some Borders for
    LiFELoVE as
    Definitely Folks
    Roaming Around the
    World That And Who Will Take if They
    Can All That is Precious About Love Away…
    i was Raised in A Day Where eYes are for Love..
    First And Foremost… We Live in a much different
    Day Now Where Eyes Are Mostly about Screens
    of Machines That Do make us want to Scream
    For the iFlesh and iBlood Contact of Real
    Hugs From Human Beings now.. iSMiLes
    mY FriEnd.. i Can And iWill iFeel
    And iSense not only Your
    For That/This
    iFlesh And iBlood iHuman iTouch
    but for the Rest of the World too
    for i was raised In A Human Day
    Where People Really Love Each Other as People
    First and Foremost With No Secrets to Hide at All..
    In This Song for You and Sure it is True You are Truly
    Blessed with so many Human Friends and Mentors both
    Online and Off as God is Looking Out For You Are God’s SonG
    A Beautiful
    You Are..
    God Bless you even
    More on Your 27th Birthday
    MY FriEnd for It Is True those
    Blessings From God That And
    Who Lives Within is the iMaiLi RinG ALWays to pick-up-on…
    Anyway.. You KNow WHere to find the Finished Result for all
    of this Soon Enough When You Wake up tomorrow on Your
    Birthday as You’ve Already Heard it all by now anyway here and ‘tHere’..
    And it will Just make me Happy every day i share it on FB for the iMoonlit
    iStar eYes And iSMiLes oF iLoVE oN iWings iAngel iHiMaLi iNaturAlly iBRinGS to the iWorld at Large..:)

    “All Gifts of Nature Friends Color”

    11.26.18 10:06PM HiMaLi Time in the United Arab Emirates
    And surely a Couple of Hours at least to get it all together to publish..;)

    Happy Birthday!
    i Love You! Friend! HiMaLi!..:)


  2. Heyyyy Himaly, my sweet, creative friend. How are you. It’s been soooo long.
    I’m starting a video channel on Youtube soon. I’ll have to let you know when I post the first video. I’d love to get your input on it once I do ok.
    Many blessings to you, and please have a lovely day.
    Staci 🙂 ❤


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