A Beautiful Traveler


Every time, I come back from a vacation, short or long – it is extremely difficult to get back to the routine of life, again!

It takes me days and sometimes even weeks to get back to my pre-vacay schedule. There’s just so much to catch up with, unpacking, putting old things in place, arranging the new things, sleep to catch up on, To-Do list to be refreshed, grocery shopping to be done, body to adapt to the climate, giving office clothes to the laundry, emails to check and answer, blog to keep up with, just so so so much.


Very often, people enter our lives – for a very short and finite span of time. They feel like a Royal-Luxurious-Miami-beach vacation, indulging our souls. Their very presence is energizing and refreshing. They give us so much soul searching to do. Like the breath of fresh air, they bring newness and excitement to our once-upon-a-time dull and boring life. They whisk away the staleness of the routine and the drudgery and monotony of the daily life. They alter our schedules – sleep time slips from 10PM to 3AM and our exercise schedule then begins to revolve around them. The heart begins to flutter and there are butterflies all around. The air smells of love and flowers look brighter as the spring of their presence has blossomed our lives. With their presence, life is like sipping cold coffee at midnight by the sea and chasing the dawn after hours of conversations. Holding their hand makes you travel to a world unparalleled without a passport or even a visa. Their eyes are the vehicle and their talks are the lively companion. They feel like the first ray of sunshine on the dew drops, drops of rain after a scorching summer, the foggy mornings after a dark winter night. They are magic – wrapped in a person.

Then, the magical vacation season, like all good things in life – there comes a time, where our lovely co-traveler needs to depart. Words can never define the moment of the rift between the heart and the head. The mind knows it is the logical thing for them to move on, as their destination is somewhere else and we were just an intermittent layover. The heart lives in denial. The heart wants to hold on to them, a bit longer, hug them one last time and find reasons to stop them with us, for a few more moments. Our eyes meet their gaze with silence, words can never say what the heart truly wants them to hear. Just hoping they hear the unsaid.


Finally, the beautiful traveler departs on their onward journey… They are on their path and we are happy about their travels. We wish them all the luck and happiness for their future adventures.

We try to pick up from where we left, but somehow; we are left changed. Irreversibly. Beautifully. With their magical touch. They become a part of the new person we’ve come to become with them. They may have left, but their memories remain. Closing our eyes brings a bright smile, a laughter escapes as nostalgia seeps in.

But you know what’s the hardest part? Getting back again to the pre-vacay schedule. A painting without the color of them is like a blank canvas. Life can never be the same, without them.

I wonder if I should be happy or sad? That I met a traveler, who I knew will depart, yet who touched my heart irreversibly in the shortest span of time…

I am confused, if they come back on a holiday again to my land, should I grant their flight a runway to land and them a visa to my heart, knowing fully that they are just on a vacation?

Alas! Travelers are never meant to stay.

Bye, bye baby,
(Baby, Goodbye)

The answer to the 1st question:

I wonder if I should be happy or sad? That I met a traveler, who I knew will depart, yet who touched my heart irreversibly in the shortest span of time…

You should be happy always because you were lucky enough to have a ‘Travel-Partner’ who came along with you to travel the planned and unplanned destinations!

There are many people who want to travel, but they hardly get a lovable companion.

The answer to the 2nd Question

I am confused, if they come back on a holiday again to my land, should I grant their flight a runway to land and them a visa to my heart, knowing fully that they are just on a vacation?

The same traveler would come back on a holiday to your land- AGAIN, only if you also touched the traveler’s heart in the shortest span of time. So it seems that they also reciprocate, what you feel for them.

You must grant them a visa to your heart, even though they come again for just a vacation…. 

Travelers are never meant to stay, but the memories shared together will always stay….



10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Traveler

  1. SMiLes And HeLLoVE HiMaLI
    And Yes Happy 27th Birthday too..
    hehe.. as i hope you haven’t forgotten..
    Anyway.. For the Handful of Friends who
    have Truly Friended me online beyond a Face
    on Facebook and some Facebook Feed.. i visited
    my FriEnd Shawna today on the dVerse Trail for Poetry
    as she lamented she was watching Her Mother Slowly Pass
    away in a Nursing Home of course Bringing Back Memories still
    of the Traveler of mY Mother Who No Matter What.. Hell or Heaven..
    Was There for me while i watched Her Last 8 Days Without Food or Drink
    pass into one
    Last Breath
    As Traveler who
    Still Exists in my
    HeART And i am so
    Glad mY FriEnd that
    You See the Value of a Traveler
    in Your Land who touched your Heart
    Always Worth a Visa Pass For Your HeART Again
    As Love is all that Counts as School Teaches about
    Jobs and Never About Life That Really Counts as a Village
    of Love.. the “Friends” TV Show or the “Cheers” TV Show or
    in my Case.. 2 Decades spent in a Village of a Military Bowling
    Center Eventually Running it and Watching an Entire Generation
    of Children Grow Up with their Parents Growing Older and Retirees
    Dying With Plaques on the Wall In Memorial of the Human Hands they
    touched.. i Don’t see Love For Sell.. i Don’t see Jobs.. i Don’t see Houses.. i
    Don’t see Cars or Colors of Skin or Age or National Origin or Sexual Preference
    or Even Gender too.. i See Human and that’s what Bowling Alley Life taught me then
    more than
    any Money
    any Work
    or any College
    Degrees.. Top of the
    Class.. Highest Grades
    of Pay for the Government
    i am not of ‘that World’ any
    more and i understand i often Give too
    much ‘to the other one’ but i can’t help it
    for i lived as a Human Being for too many years
    to go to ‘the other place’..
    where all that’s
    Left at the
    and the
    end of the
    Day is a Machine Face..
    Deep Down somewhere
    i Believe We All Want to Be
    Human Never Give Up YouR Human..
    With SMiLes And A Dance And Song
    Brings Comfort..
    And Sure..
    You Can/
    Will Choose Your
    Own Song and Dance to
    Go ALong With Your Words..
    i hope i have added a ‘few’ syllables along the way..;)


    • The thing about travellers is that you never intend to fall in love with a traveler, or make them your universe. It just happens…. And you don’t even realize until the time they’re gone.. and you feel a sudden void in your life and know that they’ve taken a piece of your heart with them, forever…

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  2. Hey, Loveliest traveler of mine. You really made my each and every feeling in a very delightful and grandiloquent manner on this very precious day, when one angel was born in 1991.

    Not only you, I too remember those precious 6 hours for becoming your co-traveler and getting the best ever friend in that co-traveler. But after that, I felt that never be sad when God bless you with such an angel. Hence I don’t want to lose or flown away that angel, so I continuously disturb her and make some efforts that she will never ever remember me just a co-traveler. I don’t want that our story is also just over like that, I want to make it special. And yeah for a lifetime, this specialty never fade away. 😘 😘 😘

    I appreciate you more because of the road I’ve traveled. Destiny brought me to you and I wouldn’t revise a word of my past if it led me anywhere but to your door. 😉🤗🤗


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