Rules of this game . . .

“Your strength doesn’t come from winning. It comes from struggles and hardship. Everything that you go through prepares you for the next level.”

― Germany Kent



11 thoughts on “Rules of this game . . .

  1. SMiLes Himali.. i am hoping you Had
    A Wonderful Birthday but it doesn’t sound
    that way from Reading this.. i miss You..
    And my Prayers
    Are With You..
    May Love
    Always Find You..
    And may Your Sunsets
    And Sunrises Be Equally Beautiful..:)

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    • Heyyy I had a wonderful fantastic and magical day yesterday.. actually j was rummaging through my old phone photo folders and found some quotes I had created long back which I thought of sharing and posting as they had been skipped for long time. Nothing going bad right now! Thanks for your prayers and Love… 🤗😘😀

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      • HeLLove Again HiMaLi And i am So Glad
        All is Well And the ‘Loser Slide’ has nothing
        to do with Your Birthday as that would have
        Been Rather Tragic… Keep Smiling With Hugs
        And Kisses.. And Back On ‘Slide topic’ About Cultures
        Worried About losing…
        i tend to See
        the Competitive
        Modern Nature of
        Human Being Rather
        Culturally Derived since
        Humans Started Hoarding
        Grains in Silos then some 10
        to 12 Thousand.. Years.. ago..
        Insane For A Creature.. Just
        A Creature Evolved to Work Hand in Hand
        Foraging in Balance with the Rest of (God) Nature
        for Survival
        in Thrive
        As at Least
        the Hairier Ancestors
        Still Living Among us
        As Bonobos Are Still
        Doing in THeir Advanced And
        Remembered Beings of Love..
        Even Dogs Remember more than most Humans….
        But anyway…
        Is Good
        For Those
        Who Do Remember..:)

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