Café Unplugged… I Miss Y.O.U.

In French, you don’t really say “I miss you”, you say “Tu me manques” which means “You are missing from me”.

Aisha: Adi, It’s difficult to bid you a bye, when I don’t even know when I get to see you next . . .

Aditya: Soon, very soon. We got to go now.

Aisha: Why don’t we stop for tea? You like the tea here, right? *Watching Aditya intently, like he always did, trying a CHANCE and to stall their departure*

Aditya:*Checking his watch, which shows 1:30 AM* We got to go, Aish. And, for your information, this parking lot here, has cameras all around us.

Aisha: Let me fasten my seat belt *Sighs in silence* *Disappointed*

*Adi stops the car as they reach their destination* 

Aisha: You want some water, Adi? *Takes a sip from her huge bottle and passes on to Adi*

Aditya: Thanks. Sleep well. *Takes a sip, CLEVER GIRL*

Aisha: Text me when you reach home, Adi. Drive safe.

*I don’t know when I am going to see you again, I don’t even remember when was the last time I saw you*

Sometimes, it’s not just about missing someone, it’s wondering if they’re missing you too.




12 thoughts on “Café Unplugged… I Miss Y.O.U.

  1. The Sun is coming out in Mississippi as we just passed
    A Lovely Flock of White Pelicans As Katrina is taking Photos
    out of the Church Tour Bus to the Biloxi Casinos as i will once
    Again Dance the Beaches and Boardwalks Reflecting on my Life
    While Katrina Plays the Free Play.. hehe.. and none of our Money
    with the One Armed Bandits.. And all i can say here is whoever this
    Man is is one
    of the Luckiest
    Men in the World
    to Be Loved by You
    And You Surely Deserve
    His words Here my Friend
    in Appreciation of You for i cannot
    Imagine any Man or Friend ever Leaving Your side..
    i’ll be sure to post that Flock of White Pelicans on a Blog
    post coming
    or later
    my Friend.. so yes. God
    Bless you as you deserve
    the very best in all things this
    World has to offer always Love
    Always Love.. A Salute i Bring to
    anyone who is able to Win Your HeART
    as Lord knows i’m sure many Men try..
    are very odd..
    very Strange in deed
    they would almost now
    have to Be From Another Planet..;)

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    • You’re the kindest person I know, Fred! Thank you for making me smile and the positivity you bring to life. I was quite upset about a very silly fight I had with a friend but I feel now that the ones who matter don’t mind and the ones who mind, don’t matter 🙂

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    • I recollect the tagline of CCD India “A lot can happen over coffee”.

      Certainly, some of the very wonderful conversations and friendships I have built have all been built over an impromptu coffee. I still recollect back in 2010 I was studying overnight at a public library and got talking to a stranger in the coffee break out area and we stayed up all night talking and discussing to end the study session with a 5 AM icecream and very regularly we became a gang of 3 who would study all night and I would get morning snacks for us and in return my friends would buy a cup of coffee we all would share over ‘Theplas’. #TripDownTheMemoryLane

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