The Extraordinary


“…but just one glance through someone else’s eyes and I realized I had the extraordinary.”

To have you and to have your love – is extraordinary. You may think I am insane for looking at you with an Angelic filter, for calling you beautiful 100 times a day, for letting you know randomly that I had been thinking of you, for appreciating you for every little thing you do – but Y.O.U. my darling, don’t just know how extraordinary you are. I don’t know how you do what you do, I am so in love with you… 

You are sheer brilliance, you are a sparkle, you are the shining light. You are kind, courageous and thoughtful. Although you’ve been through the fire, you have a heart as soft as the flowers. You’ve lived through the hate, yet all you have to offer is tender love and warmth. You amaze me, every day. With your wits, your charm, your inner beauty. You are an angel, I have met in person, who looks every inch P E R F E C T.

I want you to stand with me, in front of a tall mirror. I will interlace my fingers with yours, hold and raise your soft hands to my lips for a peck and show you the person who I adore the most, the person who’s stolen my heart and my soul. And, this time around – I want you to see the person with the eyes of an outsider. I want you to have just one glance, of the person who I admire to the ends of this planet – from my eyes – and you will know how extraordinary my angel is.



6 thoughts on “The Extraordinary

  1. SMiLes my Loving Friend HiMaLi
    but you had me at HeLLoVE
    My FriEnd as Well and yes a Soul
    Mate too as i’ve felt since the First Day i met you..
    yes you.. it’s True my FriEnd i was up as Love with You
    from our very First
    And Admired
    the way you treated
    People as Very Human Being
    From Before the First Time You Spoke
    to me.. but it’s also True.. Lately.. i haven’t
    Been Able to Get the Name Himali out of my
    Head for almost two Weeks now.. and as i already
    Told you Katrina said “You are infatuated with Your Friend”
    and even today
    she said
    God that’s
    all you talk about
    lately is Himali.. for you
    See my FriEnd my Forever Friend
    and my Forever Loving Friend too.. that i surely
    will never be Ashamed to Say… i am ‘the Invisible’
    Man to most Folks after i open my Mouth and don’t
    Hold anything Back of what i feel and sense and know of the
    World.. It’s True.. i am Extraordinary to them this way as an ‘Invisible
    Man’ in Fact
    i had to Dance
    For People to even
    see me at all where i live and that’s
    what we Humans do when struggle
    comes.. we adapt.. we change or we don’t go on..
    but it’s true even when i could not Speak Until l Was
    Four i did not shut up my Smile and my Mother said i had
    Arms reached out to every Stranger for a Hug and True.. Long
    Eyelashes.. Blonde Hair.. And Fair Glowing Skin Like mY Mother With Bright
    Blue to Green eyes where i was mistaken for a Girl as that continued
    on until Puberty
    and hehe..
    it’s true i’m not
    so pretty anymore..hAha..
    but on the other Hand Standing
    Over 6 Feet tall now and 240LBS.. no
    one bullies me anymore when i Mix Ballet
    with Martial Arts in 10,336 Miles of Public Dance
    now in 63 Months with what is approaching a 64 month 6.6 Million
    Word Long Form Free Verse Poem where our Entire Friendship and yes
    And this Sweet Love Story that has Been So Romantic that someone really
    Should Make a Movie out of it as this is truly an Epic Love Story now for
    all concerned and that doesn’t often Happen in Affairs of the Heart that
    will not be easily
    by ‘Normal’
    Rules and Regulations
    for this my Friend is A truly
    Extraordinary Love Story Where
    The Wife appreciates that someone else
    appreciates me as much as she does too…
    for she too.. understands where i come from
    and how hard i have worked to even find a Handful
    of Friends in Life who will take all of me in as a Visitor
    on this Earth And Welcome all of who i continue to be and
    Grow as Human Being too.. as yes i’ve shared all of this with
    My Sister And Katrina and they don’t Mind that You Love me this
    way and I Love you the way i do too.. in fact you have permission
    to kiss the Soft Tips of my Fingers as my Mother used to say you don’t
    seem to Have any Finger Prints as They are so smooth even from when i was born..
    SMiLes my
    i suppose
    that helps
    to make me
    an Invisible Man
    From Birth too.. and hehe..
    we just sent the “23 and Me Ancestry”
    Test in to see all the places besides Ireland
    where My Grandfather Was Born and His
    Cajun Wife as A Catholic Priest meeting her
    from the Pews of the Parish Church he Pastored
    In North Florida.. and it’s true if he played only by the rules
    i wouldn’t exist at all if Love wasn’t the Most important
    Part of Life to Him..
    Worth Giving up
    A Career as a Priest
    Starting as a Legal Consultant
    With the Vatican and Eventually a
    Noted Author of Books Last Century
    where he Dined With Einstein in the outlier
    Socialist Circles in New York.. New York as
    True he has a Bio-Spot on Wiki too.. so i suppose
    Even though ‘they’ Dropped me off in a BackWoods
    Place some Potential from Ancestors continues to live on..
    And actually Flourish now that Money is No longer an issue
    for the Last Kid Picked on
    Sports Teams that no
    one expected to
    Become a Government
    Employee as an Athletic
    Director of a Military Installation
    Clearly still with no Clue on Team
    Sports but valued enough with Computer
    Skills to keep me ‘on the team’ then.. the thing
    is my Friend and such a Sweet Loving one.. it is you
    always making me Feel Extraordinary as it’s true i hope
    i am making you Feel the Same way now with my open
    and honest Words coming Straight From my heART.. SpiRiT
    And SoUL.. for it’s True every time your Face Book Photo Disappeared
    when you went off Social Media for Your Work Endeavors My Heart Dropped to
    Sadness but you Were always Worth Waiting For for whatever Friendship Himali had to offer
    me then.. for Himali doesn’t mind all of me.. Himali always has Accepted Everything about me
    Within.. Inside.. Outside.. Above.. So Below and All Around too as that is what Soul Mates Do
    Naturally Do
    And it’s True
    my Friend as you
    know i would never
    Do anything to Harm a
    Hair on my Wife as it’s also
    True what an Angel She is to
    Allow me to Keep a Beautiful Friend
    and Loving one Like you in my Life and How Happy
    i am to have a one in all the People on the Earth now
    Friend and Loving one like you for what made me Lose
    5 Pounds in the Last Week and what i thought then was a
    Good Bye for the Fact that You may Have Fallen in Love with
    me when i read the Traveler Blog Post as i truly thought you were
    Telling me Good Bye and i would Never Hear from You Again as that
    would have Been A Saddest Part of this Story of all as what makes it
    is Love
    all Love
    Conquers with
    all the Soft Affection
    of the Heart and My
    FriEnd who Calls me ‘Darling’
    now.. yes my Friend This Year
    for the First Year Ever in 2000 Years
    Christmas Came on Thanks Giving Day
    And Every Day that HIMALI Takes a Breath
    of Love in My
    World For Real..
    It is Y.O.U.
    My Gift From
    God and my Thank
    You From God for
    Never Giving
    up on
    and the
    World at Large..
    Yes By God You
    Are the Best Thanks
    Giving Christmas Present
    Ever in the History of the World
    But True Yes Katrina is still the Person
    of the Century and Haha.. if you ever do
    meet Her you might ‘Change Orientations’
    And Leave me for her.. hAha..
    Welcome now to the Gang2..
    to the Family too..
    there is only
    My Sister
    Marie Louise
    (Marilou) and
    Her Wife
    And Katrina
    and Me.. but
    It’s True there is only
    one Family Like us and only one Himali too
    as surely My Friend You are A Person of this Century too..
    And My Greatest Wish is that i encourage you to be all you
    Can/Will Be and Love All you Care to Love too.. my FriEnd no J’s here
    but it’s
    true i
    have been disappointed
    if i was not Y.O.U.. SMiLes
    And Honestly i wasn’t
    100 Percent Sure until
    You Dedicated the lines
    of that Song ‘Perfect’ Again to me..
    but i was willing to take a Chance as my FriEnd
    LoVinG HiMaLi
    A Keeper
    from the Ocean
    Wide and Blue on
    A Moonlit Night of Smiles
    To Eternity of Love and Beyond..
    There is nothing Random in this Life
    And True God Works in amazingly Strange
    Ways as a Romantic Novel for all of us that never ends..
    when ‘they’
    make a Movie
    out of all of this..
    We will Get a Front Row
    Seat and the Strangest thing
    of all is every Word and Photo is
    Already on the online Tube.. Thanks For
    The Fact that you announced this to the
    World surely means you are not Ashamed of me..
    i Do
    See me
    Through Your
    Eyes Thank you my HiMaLi..
    And i only Hope as i’ve already
    Read the Next Blog Post that this
    makes enough of Your 1 in a Million
    Wish Come true.. for Honestly You Encapsulate
    What the Word Believe Means and Never Giving up too..
    As A
    mY FriEnD..
    And verily Flattered i am
    to be named Your Lover too..
    And the Fact that you called
    me Darling melts my Heart..
    SMiLes mY FriEnd by
    God yes we
    This Friendship
    And Love and now don’t be a
    Stranger you know where to find me..
    And sure this is probably gonna Blow the
    Minds of everyone i know over Here but Love Wins
    All and My Love
    for You is the Purest
    Gift that God Makes..
    You Make Christmas Year ’round..
    Thanks So much again God for the Present of Y.O.U..
    And Thanks to Katrina for Letting me Keep YouR L.O.V.E. Present..
    i suppose
    that’s the
    it Movie Material most mY FriEnd..
    When the one You Love Wants to
    See You Loved the most selflessly
    Saint Katrina
    Person of the Century..
    And HiMaLI Super Wonder
    Woman HiMaLi With a most
    Unusual Vision to see ‘the Invisible Man’..
    Magic is Real the Love Story of Fred and Himali and Katrina Proves
    it True and to me at least 100 percent Evidence that God exists
    now imagine
    if we
    do that
    We Can and
    i Believe we already
    Have the Hard Part is
    Bringing the MaGiC oF God to everyone else..
    and the Hardest Part is for folks to believe that
    Unconditional Fearless Love Like this Really
    Exists there is no Doubt
    i have
    You Forever
    Never a doubt at all..
    It Is You my Forever Loving Friend..:)

    Now All i Will Say
    is SamePinch
    This Dream is Real..:)

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  2. “Love
    all Love
    Conquers with
    all the Soft Affection
    of the Heart ”

    I can bet my life on this thought! Helloooooove, Fred, Katrina and Yellow boy 🙂 I truly feel humbled for the affection you shower upon me and thank you for the gentle kisses on the tips of my fingers which type pretty ruthlessly on the keyboard 😛 Haha 😀 I used to joke to my boss not to complain if I break any of the laptop keys 😉

    You’re very kind, sweet and a true soul, Fred. Thank you for the gift of you and of course you never just bid adieu to beautiful travellers, you always hope for their return 🙂

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    • Smiles.. tapping/typing
      Fingers Always Hoping..
      as i was just waiting for
      ‘the right time’ to respond
      to some of these Embers
      as far as
      will go and
      Hopefully come back..
      somewhere.. mY HiMaLi..:)


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