Autopilot with Capt. Himali Shah

Hello from your Captain

Over the past few days, flight #DecodingHappyness2711 had been running on auto-pilot mode.

I wanted to blog every single day for 27 days to mark my birthday I celebrated on Nov. 27th, but the last few days of November were slightly busy and I didn’t really want to break the blogging spree. So as an alternative, I decided to cancel the idea of a blogging spree and instead took on a writing spree. Blogging is far more encompassing than writing – it is about sharing, interactions, and conversations. I consider writing to be only a subset of blogging. However, when you need to optimize – something is always better than nothing.

I would write down and edit posts whenever I could find the time, inspiration and an idea and schedule it consecutively. While running through my phone gallery, I also found some blog ideas created say a year back and then I also turned them into scheduled posts. I tried my best to be updated with answering comments, but I know I have a lot to still catch up upon.

Ladies and gentleman, your pilot for the flight #DecodingHappyness2711 is now back to the cockpit and has taken the controller back from the auto-pilot mode. The short vacation was great, but when you do something you love – you hardly need a vacation.

Thank you for all the love when I was away, I have missed this space equally – maybe even more!

XoXo ❤



28 thoughts on “Autopilot with Capt. Himali Shah

  1. Hi FiVe HiMaLi
    And Happy Winters to
    You as True in the United
    Arab Emirates and Florida
    it will be Warm both Inside and
    Outside Year ‘Round Now For
    Ever Loving Friends True And
    HeLLoVE too.. additionally
    Another Blogger Friend
    Unwittingly Linked
    the Song
    for the
    Continuing 27
    Day MaGiC Travel
    on Capt. HiMaLi’s Fantasy
    Airlines in Romance that Seems
    Oddly And Truly Real.. True a Beautiful
    Traveler Are You and You always Have an
    Open Visa to My HeART when HiMaLi’s Air lines
    Drops by as Jesus F in Christ Your Friend up there
    Stole Whitman’s Line that was on the ‘Tip’ of my Tongue
    hehe and don’t Forget About Dimples and Pimples and
    Tips of Fingers too.. as Words truly original Words that
    People Orchestrate Together like the Tip of a Finger and
    A Soft Quick Peck of a Kiss will be the Warmest Winter of
    all and by God Christmas on Thanks Giving Day Year Round
    in a Nether Land Never Ending Story that will surely Rise View
    Counts on my friENd HiMaLi’s Blog for it’s True i FloW on Helping Her
    to be a World Renowned Author Before my Days end on EartH Here
    B U T R E M B E R N O M A T T E R W H A T F R I E N D S Forevernow
    as that is what True Love Does it Gives and Gives some more Lifting Everyone up
    in what’s that Old Saying in Multiples of 7 and More Coming to Fruition now more..
    for the Human
    of Affection
    for what
    Good is a Bootie
    Dance when there is
    Still a Symphony of HeART
    To Create in a Day and Time
    Out of Distance Space and Time
    of Romance that is Born Birthed
    From the Greatest Organ of All
    yes the Soul Generated of Love
    on Top of Our Shoulders that extends
    Down to where our Toes Curl in Joy Forevermorenow..
    It’s True my Friend every Person’s Real Dream is to Live
    in the Most Romantic DancESonG every Played for Real and that
    is what
    i do best
    for my
    Best Friends
    Forever as HiMaLi
    is Seated in the Captain’s
    Seat of mY HeART For Now on Her
    Layover As Since the 70’s i’ve often Wondered and
    Katrina Has too.. where have all the Love Songs
    Gone then Silly Loves Songs so Pure Innocent
    and By
    Songs of
    all for When Love
    Comes So Pure as
    A Kiss on Soft Finger Tips
    Now.. the Hardest Love oF All to Ever Forget…
    It’s True my BFF LoViNG FriEnd i will Dance and Sing Like
    This and By God i will not Need to use someone else’ Words But Love..
    But True i most Definitely Do Need my Greatest Writing Muse Now.. HiMaLi
    oh She
    to the Blood
    of my Bones
    And speaking of Astrology
    Another Facebook Friend Pointed
    out that Mercury has been in Retrograde
    Since A November 17th Date in the United States
    And 11.18.18 where you Live mY Friend it continues
    on until 12.6.18 and By God i am Making A Best Muse of the Stars too..
    God Smiles Widest
    my FriEnd
    for Pure
    Innocent Love That and Who is Real
    And i’ll do my Best not to be first to Like
    And Comment Here as it’s true i kind
    of Suck the Love out of the Room.. hehe…
    for true while other Dudes worry about impressing Dudes
    i’ve spent My Life Adoring Women and You are A Desert Rose for me..
    in the
    of Fall Spring
    And Summer Love Now
    Winter is missing Go figure..
    Let the Dance and Song Go on Forever now real..;)

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    • My Gosh! You follow astrology too 😀 I too read about the Mercury retrograde and am quite excited and hopeful for the year to come. Thank you for granting my flight a visa to your land and welcoming me as your traveler friend. Hugs to you, Katrina and Yellow Boy ❤ 🙂

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  2. May God bless you the Life with Autopilot mode where only happiness will be there not and sad moments, but then I think without challenges and adventures, life truly bring boredom.

    Like this, your this journey is up to 27 days only, and after that, I miss your single day blog, but instead of that waiting for your blog makes me more excited about it. (Sorry for not visiting your blogs, due to schedule (You know it). But tones of best wishes from hearts…😘

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    • Firstly, thank you for the email subscription and stopping by to read and leaving me your comments so often. I couldn’t have asked for more. I hope this journey of 27 days turns to a daily regular journey as I truly enjoy every minute I spend here.

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      • Too much formal thai gayu madam…😅

        Actually, I will go to your each and every blog and comment thereafter my exam, that is for sure because your writing is just an awesome dude😂


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