Sunshine and Warmth – A special dedication


This post is a dedication to a dear friend of mine – Trudy, who is sunshine and warmth wrapped in a person. Trudy and I have been co-workers and thanks to the water cooler talks, we got to know each other as friends. She would talk to me about her day so far, her Christmas decor ideas and her passion for art and that’s how we connected and became friends. Although she is decades senior to me in experience, she is so respectful and shares so much of her wisdom. I love listening to her stories and asking her questions 😀

I googled the meaning to her name and it means “spear of strength” or ” Universal strength” – and it couldn’t be truer. She has inspired me with her courage when she bravely fought cancer with a big cheerful smile. One could hardly tell she had a major surgery when you’d see her beaming smile. I am touched by her kindness and love. She is a big-time perfectionist when it comes to her work and things she is really passionate about. In her free time, Trudy makes 100’s of handmade greeting cards which are embroidered with love and perfection and each design and color combination she selects is worked upon with such intrinsic level of artistic touch. She sells these greeting card and uses all of the proceeds towards charity.

The biggest gift you can give someone is the gift of your time and the gift of your love.

I have been very fortunate to get first-hand craft lessons from her and witness her masterpieces in person. Sharing some of the super beautiful creations from the mastermind.

Thank you for showing me who real heroes are by demonstrating in practice – kindness, love, strength, compassion, hard work and creativity.

IMG_20181203_192620 (1)
Beautiful intricate hand-stitched embroidery perfected with elegance…
Christmas greetings ready to be shipped by Santa Trudy! ❤
Each card is cut to perfection and designed with extreme beauty and care 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sunshine and Warmth – A special dedication

  1. Peace.. Hope.. Love as Your
    Friend Trudy Sings in her Hand
    Stitched Embroidered Beautiful Cards
    Perfected with Elegance.. Yes.. True Art
    is Built From: heART A Beautiful Tribute
    You Do For Your Friend Here As A Brave Cancer
    Survivor too.. And True my Friend Disregard my
    Question on “Rules of the Game” in My Previous
    Comment on my Blog as i Re-Read
    Your Responses here
    back to: me
    and i see
    all that
    Counts is who
    the Message is Addressed
    to.. for who and what Matters Most
    Love.. to: We May Stay in Flow ALLoWinG
    A UniVerse of Our SPiRiTS HeARTS iN
    MiNd And BoDY BaLanCinG SoUL
    Determining the Course iN
    Ships of Love as the
    HeART Feels
    On A Side oF LoVE..
    Sweet Dreams to You aCross the
    Seven Moon And Sun Lit Oceans..:)


  2. This is so very beautiful! I used to make cards like this and Christmas decoration. Therefore I really understand the passion and joy for doing this. It is something that flows from the heart through the fingers. Trudy must have a really big heart!


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