It will all be alright….

I remember the way you looked at me when I woke up from my sleep, with my head resting on your shoulder. I could feel some ruffles around me, little did I know you were trying to take pictures of me asleep.

My hair was a mess and my eyes were tiny. You asked if I wanted some snacks… I smiled and dozed off again while you held my hand and patted my forehead. I know I could sleep warm as you tucked me in the blanket very often and played with the curtains so that the light didn’t hit my eyes. I know you didn’t sleep that night; although you were very tired too. Just to watch over me.

When I woke up all worried at midnight, you accompanied me; holding my hand. When I had the look of anxiety in my eyes, you gave me that reassuring smile to let me know that it will all be alright….

When I woke up the next morning, I felt refreshed – like the leaves sparkling with the dew drops.



9 thoughts on “It will all be alright….

  1. Hey, What happened to you? Are you okay…I have felt that you fell sick since you didn’t update a blog. Please take care of your self Dear…😊

    Anyway, Nice way to represent the feelings and emotions of caring nature…God bless you always…😘

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      • That’s good Yaar.
        By the way, in a photo of yours my favorite character is there…😄😊😘 (Cutest Teddy)

        In a way, you are poetry material; You are full of cloudy subtleties I am willing to spend a lifetime figuring out. Words burst in your essence and you carry their dust in the pores of your ethereal individuality. – Frenz Kafka

        Missed you a lot yaaar…😘


  2. Nurturing Love.. With HeLLoVE HiMaLi…
    Happy Monday Work Morning to You and
    You KNow this Poem of Yours really touches my
    HeART for it reminds me of my Mother and all the
    Nurturing Love she gave me through the Years as a Mother’s
    Love will
    For Every comfort
    A Child of Love Will Need..
    And True it was Kinda Sad too for
    it reminded me of my only Son Ryan
    And the Only Hug i was able to give him
    as he passed away in my Arms after 51 Days..
    And Although Katrina couldn’t Bring Herself to Hold
    Him That Way my Mother’s Love in me gave me the Ability
    to Rise Above the Pain to Give him those Last Breaths of Love
    as Hug And i only
    feel some of
    my Love for all His
    Short Life was Tears
    of Pain for True he helped
    Save my Life through my Pain
    for i knew i was the Lucky one to Smile
    at all.. to Laugh at all.. to Love at all.. in my Life
    for True he taught me the Value of A Smile Never
    Grinned.. A Love
    A Giggle
    Never Experienced..
    but you know my FriEnd..
    mY HiMaLi.. what i told myself
    then is that i Will Love More than
    Ever in Dedication to His Will to Live those
    51 Days and Tomorrow and Today in Your
    Dubai Time Zone.. 12.10.18.. would have been
    my Mother’s 84th Birthday.. and True my Friend
    the Teddy Bear on Your Shirt makes me Feel how lovely
    it Will be to give you Just one Freddy Bear Hug.. and to feed
    you a snack and yes to watch you Sleep Peacefully with a Smile on
    Your Face
    For True
    could be
    About A Grandmother
    Or A Grandfather.. A Friend..
    A Forever Lover and of course
    A Father and A Mother too.. Sure.. A Soul Mate too..
    or even in someways.. A Pet who Unconditionally
    Loves You too with Cat Purrs and Puppy Dog Tail
    Wags to Cheer You Up Hugging you at night too..
    SMiLES.. mY
    it makes
    me sad
    to imagine
    you without someone
    to Hug at Night for True you are made for Hugs..
    And no Doubt Your Nurturing Ways of Feeling the World
    Come From Your Parents and other Family Members too…
    And yes as i danced all day today i interviewed Dozens of Love
    Songs while i danced that would have fit in just fine here but this
    one just
    to my
    at the last
    moment to
    give and share
    Here and True my
    FriEnd this Song is
    about Y.O.U. too As
    These Days They All
    Seem That Way Every
    Step Every Word
    Every Breath
    For Y.O.U.
    too Teach
    me So Much
    More About iLove That/W.H.O. is iReal..:)


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