A throwback to 2008 – We were debating today who looks and is the MOST innocent of us all? 😀

June 2007

There are days, so strongly etched in your memory that you can never forget. That day, was one such day. It was the first day of Grade 11 – a day of new beginnings, making new friends and opening new chapters in the textbook of life. It was the day I met them, the RDS to my H! 

Dona and I were sitting next to each other on the 2nd bench before the morning prayer assembly and although we both studied in the same school ever since nursery, we were practically strangers. We became friends with a hello and got so chatty (all thanks to me) that our class teacher punished the both of us right on the first day of school, in the first hour 😛 We were made to sit on the floor, one on the right side and one on the left. Dona was infuriated but I guess her anger melted away when she saw me looking at her with a beaming smile.

Gossiping in style 😉 2014 – Friendship Day!

In our Gujarati class, Rishva and I were similarly punished by the teacher for some silly joke we were making between ourselves. The two of us were sent out of the class and we burst out laughing so loud that the teacher actually came outside the classroom; to scold us – AGAIN 😉 All 3 of us adored to the ends of earth, Shikha’s long silky hair, and her Mumbai style. Her no non-sense fun-loving attitude was the glue to our gang.

All through grade 11 and 12, we had many adventures and made a lot of memories. We would talk endlessly over the landline calls and Rishva, Dona and Shikha would call me an out-standing student as they would often get into trouble – with me 😛

Crazy us
Because some things are timeless! #PillowFights 🙂


Over the years, our bond of friendship has strengthened despite the 4 of us now being scattered in 3 countries. Every year around Diwali, I miss my 3 musketeers – how we would make rangolis at school and visit each other’s homes to have Diwali sweets. Every time I think of a hill station, I remember our school picnic and the crazy fun we had at Abu. I miss our catch ups at my place and yours – the laughter, the madness, the adventures we would have together.

Although we are separated by miles, we are very much connected by hearts! ❤ School friends are really precious and hold a special place in our lives 🙂

P.S. – Girls, I was, I am and I will always be the MOST innocent of us 4 😀 I miss you all!


7 thoughts on “H.R.D.S.

  1. When a friendship is real, neither time nor space can break it. My best friend and I are friends for 36 years. There were many years we did not have much contact. But that has not changed anything. In fact, we treasure our friendship even more today!


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