Photo courtesy: A dear friend’s Hibiscus plant 🙂

Indifference is easy, detachment is hard. To be happy with or without – nonetheless – is tricky. It is easy not to expect, but the tough part is to not let the expectations weigh your happyness down. Detachment is like the extra layer of icing on your already pretty and tasty cake – having which, would be delightful; but missing the extra frosting wouldn’t hurt either.

It is a normal human tendency to get attached and have expectations from people, things and events. Life is all about the choices we make in tough times. When crisis strikes, do we continue to choose love over fear and anger? Do we choose to forgive or do we decide to sit back and sulk? Detaching from things and events is much easier as compared to detaching from people.

Detachment is about letting go of the control. Allowing the bird to fly away with its free wings, knowing that the bird may come back to you if it is meant to.

I guess the harder we try to hold on to things and the more we try to exercise control, the more disappointed we feel when things don’t go as per anticipation. Like the sand which slips away much quicker the harder we close our fists, expectations does the same with people around us. One of my best friends would often tell me that life has its own ups and downs – it is upon us how we choose our happyness even when things are not so bright.

Only if we could cut the entangled chords of attachment, would we be able to see the beauty of doing things – without an anticipated outcome in mind. 

7 thoughts on “-D-E-T-A-C-H-

  1. Didn’t somebody once say (maybe a misquote) “If you love something … set it free. If it comes back to you, it is yours. If it doesn’t … then it never was!” Poses some interesting thoughts. Have a great day Himali. 🙂


  2. This is amazing and totally speaks to me, Himali. I am someone who loves to be in control because it gives some kind of security. But I already have come a long way. The experiences on my spiritual path taught me a lot which helped me to let go of experiences and expectations. Still not completely healed though, if ever… lol! But then again, how motivated would we be to go for our dreams if we did not have expectations of them fulfilling? I think, it is about letting go of controlling the path to reach them but hold on to the goal, What I can sign is that the more you try to control the letting go of the control habit the more we are holding on to controlling.
    Wow, you see how inspiring your post is… haha. Thanks a lot, Himali! Big hugs to you 😊


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