Coffee Musings – It’s not what you do, It’s how you do it – that matters


A few months back, I had started a new ritual – The Cold Coffee Thursdays πŸ™‚ I would carry cold milk in my flask and have my morning breakfast at work. On Thursdays, I would make myself some frothy chilled strong coffee and kickstart the weekend eve morning and it would be extra special as I had newly started to fast on Thursdays. The cold coffee was a sort of distraction from the usual breakfast.

There was this one time when I was mixing up my cold coffee to the perfect mix when a colleague happened to stop by to greet me good morning. He got curious about what I was making in my shaker and when I said I was making cold coffee as it was a new Thursday ritual, he was chuckling as he would usually have hot coffee. I quickly poured half of my coffee for him to try along, we did the “Cheers” and had lots of laughter that morning. Sunday morning when I came to work, I had a dozen instant coffee sachets on my desk! πŸ˜€ I was told that what made the Thursday coffee so amazing – wasn’t the coffee in essence, but the sweetness I added by sharing something which I made for myself with a lot of love. My colleague was moving to a different country in a few days time and hence I was assigned the task of giving company for the morning coffee πŸ™‚ Every morning until his last day, I would make coffee for us in my shaker while we chit chatted about things ranging from career plans to engineering designs of the project and project execution strategy. Finally, after he moved to the new location; did I manage a break from my coffee sachets gifts.

In my pen stand, I was carrying the last sachet of cappuccino from the batch I was gifted and today being a Thursday, I had the last gift coffee. Little did I know, that sharing my 1/2 cold coffee could touch someone’s heart so dearly πŸ™‚


I had another interesting coincidence today with coffee! I finally managed to catch my friend free for a coffee in the morning and we headed to the office pantry on the floor above ours to have our coffee as it had a beautiful and relaxing view. They have a swanky Nesspresso coffee maker with different coffee capsules to make coffee which I am super clumsy at! πŸ˜› We just stood by the tall glass admiring the view of the city and the warm sunshine soaked our winter morning. Our office boy happened to see both of us and greeted us with a cheerful good morning and we were equally enthusiastic with our smiles. He offered to make us coffee even without us asking and I can say that it was one of the best coffees I have ever had, not because of the coffee in essence; more because of the kindness and sweetness with which he offered us the coffee.

Small gestures of care, go a long way . . . . Next time you see someone super stressed, just offer a small loving gesture from your heart and see how it changes their tone of the day, week and year πŸ™‚ Thoughts and intentions matter much more than the actual action to the recipient!

Thank you, Daisy and Prabha for making my morning an awesome one πŸ™‚

❀ HiMali

21 thoughts on “Coffee Musings – It’s not what you do, It’s how you do it – that matters

  1. True mY
    HeART Felt
    Coffee is
    For me
    Too but
    i Cannot Do
    Caffeine So i
    Will Do Hot Chocolate
    iNSteaD Your FRiEnD
    Nice to
    See You
    Always too..
    Oh Yeah and
    And Happiest
    New Year’s to You True..:)

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  2. This is so sweet! As someone who loves coffee, I wholeheartedly agree! It is indeed the ritual and the kindness associated with it, that makes it so special. I have to ask though, does your office start on Sunday? Over here, you won’t catch anyone doing any admin work from Friday 4pm – Monday morning. But come Sunday 6pm, work enduis are opened and replied to.

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