Secret Santa for Christmas


In my last workplace, I was a member of the Social committee who’d be responsible for organizing events in the festive season – mainly Diwali and Christmas. For Christmas 2015, I was helping to arrange Secret Santa for the business finance team.

I was super excited for the event and the festive vibes on our floor were vibrant. After a lot of edits, I drafted and sent across the 50+ people team a cheerful email which described a new fun event to be organized for the FC&A (Finance, Compliance & Accounting) team. With subsequent emails, I invited the team for a chit collection session where the game rules were explained.

I managed to retrieve from my inbox an email which I had sent to our team, it was as below:


The fervor on the floor was unparalleled – there was eagerness, joy, excitement, smiles, giggles, secrets, laughter and fun. Everyone collected the chits for the person for whom they were the Secret Santa for the Chrismas. The following week after the chit distribution, everyone was busy planning what gift to gift to their target person which they would like. With a secretive air, people were asking each other their favorite colors and likes just to pass on information to someone who had their chit and people were left to speculate who got the chits with their name 😀

As destiny would have it, I got to be Secret Santa for my team member – Rachita. She and I were less of co-workers and more like family. Unfortunately, over some really silly stuff, she was upset with me and I grabbed this as a perfect opportunity to apologize and make up to her 🙂 I wrote her a letter which was my primary gift and was trying to buy a bag which I knew she wanted to buy for herself. Somehow the delivery date for that order was way past the event date so I settled for something else. I neatly packed her gift and on the day of the event, took it in a bag so that she wouldn’t see it 😉 (She would sit right across me) and hid it in the stack of gifts.

Finally, when the D Day arrived, we cut the Christmas cake and then went ahead with the gift distribution. One after the other names were called and people were unwrapping their gifts and guessing who must have been their Secret Santa 🙂 The expression of delight and surprise on each face was priceless. Rachita went to her desk and opened her gift and read my letter. She came by to engulf me in a hug. We finally managed to break the invisible wall and re-connect from our hearts ❤

Eventually, all the gifts were distributed. BUT the catch was that my name was never called. The person who would’ve got my chit would’ve been on leave or he/she must’ve forgotten/ the chit with my name would’ve been misplaced. To be honest, looking back now – it didn’t really matter and the happyness I got by arranging the whole event itself was my biggest gift, seeing all those smiling happy faces but back then my heart sank a little. I tried my best not to show it, but I guess my eyes would’ve given it away and my voice also went a little soft. I maintained my cool and went on with my day being a part of the smiles, enthusiasm and fun around me where people were guessing and then going to thank their Santas while some were just bewildered by their thoughtful Santa presents.

I came to work the next morning and found a package on my desk with the following written – To Himali, From – Many Santas.

Secret Santa Himali

Everyone around me was super quiet and acting all innocent. I slowly unwrapped my gift and to my surprise, it wasn’t just a present. There were gifts that were so thoughtfully handpicked to my choice, hobbies and liking. There was a Santa cap, a lovely pen (because I love to write), glass painting colors, some other craft supplies and a quilling set. To say I was amazed, touched, emotional, agog – would all be an understatement to what and how I felt at the moment. I felt loved, cared and treasured.


To this day, I don’t know who all were my “Many Santas” but for sure they made me have a tear of joy in my eye and I felt so very touched by their kindness, sweet gesture and in that moment, I felt at Home and my co-workers as my family around me. The whole thought of buying a gift when I hadn’t got one, that to things I would love and use was unbelievably sweet. I wish I could know whose idea it was and who all did this beautiful gesture for me, who went to handpick my presents – so that I could thank each person who made my heart flutter with joy. But, I guess some things are best when left as secrets…..

I also got an email from the central team appreciating my elf-forts.


So, if you’re ever given an opportunity to do something for someone, grab it with both hands. Even if there is nothing for you in return. You never know – love will pour on you from which direction ❤

Happy Gifting 🙂
❤ iMali

11 thoughts on “Secret Santa for Christmas

  1. SMiLes HiMaLi on this Longest Night of the Year
    Winter Solstice as the Grey and Cold Breeze
    Dances and Sings 42F Degrees wHere i Live
    For As ‘they’ Say ’42’ is the Meaning of Life
    At least in
    And Movies
    but what i Dance
    And Sing is it is the
    Sunshine Within With a
    Hand Out for Warmth to
    Others in Coldest Winter Snows
    Longest Nights for Brightest Full
    Moon Meteor Shower Lights that
    Who Simply Dance
    And Sing
    You are on
    mY SPiRiT
    mY HeART
    Sharing Santas’
    Sleighs of Souls that
    Truly We all Share when
    we oPen up our Home oF LoVE
    to Others so Free Just Free to Be
    Fire Place Friends Holding Hands
    iN Smiles of Old Saint Nick as Rudolph
    His Sleigh
    SMiLes at
    Least in His
    Dreams His
    Wide Awake ones now..
    For i for one Will Never Be
    Ashamed or Feel Regret to
    Tale mY FriENd HeLLoVE Good Night
    Sleep WArm Remaining LoVinG EYes For All..
    Other than that Your Story was Really Great You
    Continue to Exce Morel as a Writer and i Will be with You
    Through Your Entire Journey NoW as Artist to Lift you up Higher
    Over the Sun
    And ACross the
    Stars to Fulfill All oF
    Your Human Potential
    As Gift From God You Are..
    True.. not everyone gets Friends
    As Strange as me for Christmas.. hehe..
    But that my Friend IS A Story of all Red
    Nose Rudolph’s And Frosty the Snow Men
    Real Santa’s True..
    Sorry.. i’m not Good
    At Keeping ‘Secrets’..;)


  2. If you are ever in that role again, perhaps you could suggest that everybody puts the “gift money” into a pot … and the secret santa can deliver it to a local charity, or to support someone going through some difficulties? Just a thought. 🙂


  3. Our good deeds will always come back in the most beautiful ways. Perhaps not from the same place you have given your love but love is an energy and will always reach you. That’s why we need to be love and give from that loving place inside of us. Giving for the sake of giving. That is what Christmas is about and that is how we can have Christmas every day. Beautiful post, Himali.

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  4. Thanks for sharing your heart and lovely story Himali. I’m glad that your cheerful giving and arranging of the event were returned to you. Giving and receiving are wonderful gifts. Hugs and Happy Holidays! 🎄 🎅


  5. The end was so beautiful..that surprise must have made your day past Christmas also happy and cheerful. Spreading happiness surely goes round and gets back to one in some way or the other.
    Lovely post 🙂


  6. Himali… that was super super cute from all the Santa’s, and knowing a little of you – you must have been gushing with smiles and happiness, maybe done a few somersaults in your head and heart too. The joy and happiness you bring to others, come back in a full circle to you.
    You are truly a sweetheart 🙂
    Merry Christmas in advance to you, Himali ❤

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  7. The first time I ever came across secret santa was around 2009 , I did back there help donate but sadly my kids turned to teenagers and ‘humf’ happy to read it brought much happiness

    May it continue on …..


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