Café Unplugged… Moon


“I want to be in love with you the same way I am in love with the moon..

With the light shining out of its soul…”

Aisha: *letting out a big yawn* Adi, I am so full now… Not sure how much we will be able to walk now :/

Aditya: Here you go – Her Highness, Yawn-Factory 😛 Should I start counting your yawns? AND… You barely ate! You need to eat MORE.

Aisha: When will the day come, when you stop making fun of me, huh?

            *stops in the middle of the road*

             Yes, Mr. you can count how many times I yawn from now 😀

             *starts humming a random ’90s song*

Aditya: Aish! You like that song? I love it!

Aisha: *clapping hands in excitement* WOW! Can we play it, please?

Aditya: Here you go…………..

*Both start singing along the song… Aisha starts her little dance*

Aisha: Adi, gimme your hand! You must dance with me while we sing… It’s so much fun 😀

*Aisha continues her happy dance on the walkway, bouncing up to give the palm trees a high-five*

Aditya: I am just wondering, where did your yawns vanish, Aish????

The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.



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