A letter to my future lover’s parents


Dear Mom & Dad,

I think I can begin my letter addressing you two as my mom and dad, because the gratitude and love I feel towards my parents, I echo the same for you both.

When we celebrate your son’s (yes, he will always be your son first) birthday, I first start by thanking the both of you; for if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have this special day and this wonderful person to love, cherish and celebrate. I remember you both every time I see his beautiful face. I wonder if those lovely eyes and that charming smile he inherits comes from which one of you?

I want to say a lot of things to you but let me just wrap up everything in two words – thank you. Thank you for raising this wonderful human being I adore. Thank you for cultivating the values in him which make him stand out like a diamond in this world full of coals. Thank you for the sacrifices you made in your life, for your dreams you gave up, to give him the best of everything. Thank you for teaching him the values of hard work and humility by leading your lives as an example. Thank you for the thoughtful, kind and caring little human you raised, who brightens the life of everyone around him. Thank you for the affectionate, expressive and selfless person; who makes me wonder all the time – HOW LUCKY I AM! Thank you for the person who makes me feel loved – by his actions.

Thank you for your honesty, sincerity, and humbleness. Thank you for the mutual love and respect you have for one another. Thank you for never giving up faith in humanity, in kindness and on God. Thank you for never giving up on each other. Thank you for smiling, even on the most difficult days. Thank you for your patience, thank you for the passion with which you do every task at hand. The person he’s grown to be, is a sum of all his experiences and all he’s observed and learned, watching the two of you.

The love we share, is in a way a reflection of your love….

Someday when we become parents to a boy, I wish and I hope we raise our son like how you raised yours. I love you both.

Your daughter,


16 thoughts on “A letter to my future lover’s parents

  1. Too much impressive and adorable letter written by you. This letter shows the values and golden heart which possess by you and reflect the true feeling of love towards someone. Love means you always respect and appreciate the belonging of whom you love.

    This letter is the best way to approach the parents of someone with whom we will share our life…

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