Doorie – Hum itne door kyun hai…

It’s one beautiful night – one which reflects the state of my heart         – Himali

I wrote this Hindi poem, one sleepless night. I didn’t really have the translation in mind, but when I tried to write the English version, the poem came to life with true essence. 

दूरी – हम इतने दूर क्यों है

पहले हम इतने दूर थे ,
पर कितने पास थे . . .

अब हम इतने पास है
फिर ये दूरी क्यों है ?

इतनी मजबूरी क्यों है ?
आंखे ये नम क्यों है ?
दिल मे ये नया सा गम क्यों है ?

कोई कह दे मुझे
ये आसमा इतना मुझसे खफा क्यों है ?
अब हम इतने पास है
फिर तू मुजसे इतना दूर क्यों है ?

– हिमाली शाह

Doorie – Hum Itne Door Kyun Hai 

Pehle hum itne door the,
Par kitne paas the…

Ab hum itne paas hai,
Phir ye doorie kyun hai?

Itni majboori kyun hai?
Aankhe ye nam kyun hai?
Dil me ye naya sa gam kyun hai?

Koi keh de mujhe,
Ye aasman mujhse khafa kyun hai?
Ab hum itne paas hai,
Phir tu mujhse itna door kyun hai?

– Himali Shah

Dear Distance – Why are we so far away

There was a time when physical boundaries separated us,
Yet our souls were intertwined…

Now, we live under the same sky and breathe the same air,
Then what has happened? Why are we so disconnected?

Why are we bound by shackles of helplessness?
Handcuffs of guilt and shame?
Why are my eyes and why is the land of my soul,
Moist with unshed tears?

Why is my heart’s ocean,
Engulfed with melancholic waves?

Someone, please tell me the reason,
The sky under which we live,
The moon and the stars,
Why is everything hidden, with clouds of sadness?

Barriers of miles between us have melted,
Then why are our souls so far away?

– Himali Shah


21 thoughts on “Doorie – Hum itne door kyun hai…

  1. So that we can appreciate the journey Himali. If everything fell into our lap we would all be a very stagnant expectant race of spoilt humans. This way we can all feel because we have experienced both sides of the coin 😀
    May your coin ever shorten that distance to your heart my friend ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aren’t you just amazing, Mark! Thank you for this beautiful thought. Indeed, life is all about the journey rather than the destination. I am smiling to myself at this beautiful, powerful and positive thought you got for me after all the blues 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Language does play a pivotal role in expressing. If feelings are pure, they’ll reach, no matter the channel you use ❣️
    The poem you’ve penned is powerful, in both the languages, Himali.


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