Café Unplugged… Kiddo


“If life could fall in love, it would fall for you – a million times over….”

— Himali Shah

Aisha: I love walking by the parks, it is such a treat…

Aditya: Aish! Last time, you went inside the children’s play area playing on the tire swings and climbing ropes to come down through the side of the slide while I took your video. You are such a treat to watch, my live Cartoon Network 😛

Aisha: How mean of you, Adi.. You should never stop having fun! Parks are meant for play. All work and no play, makes Adi a boring boy 😉

Aditya: Haha, they will shooo us away from the play area if you get caught. Noooooo, in fact they won’t. If being a kid was a thing, I think you can beat a 7-year old and win the first place 😀

“…And I wish I could tell you how much I admire and envy your careless playfulness, innocence and childlike laughter.

I love you so much, that looking at you – other than with unadultrated love and awe, seems like a crime to me.”

– Himali Shah



*Aisha manages to win over the uncle’s heart effortlessly… As she approaches them with a broad smile… For a brief moment, her eyes meet and she is OFFERED the rackets to play without even trying*

Aditya: Aishhhhh….. HOW ON EARTH ??? How did you even manage to pull this off? You surprise me to the ends of the earth!

Aisha: MAGIC 😀

Aditya: Yes….. Y.O.U. are magic…


10 thoughts on “Café Unplugged… Kiddo

  1. This is so inspiring i had to come Late not to Fill
    the Space up top.. First of all when i saw the photo
    Adrenaline Rush OMG Himali is Falling let met Rush
    And catch Her before she does.. BDW.. Yes Hellooove
    HiMaLi for when a Person Says that now it’s like Greeting
    Love as Human Incarnate as You also Relate Unadulterated
    Love also known felt and sensed as Unconditional Fearless
    Agape Love For all of Every Thing Yes when We Not Only Love
    the Green Grass as Each Leaf of Grass but All the Grass Loves
    Us Back as Love is no Difference no Separation Love is Whole
    as we are Part of Love Whole to Give and Share Freely without
    Fear as that is how we get to Incarnate Love in the First Place
    By Making Love a Practice to Give and Share without
    Expect of any thing in Return but the Natural
    Intrinsic Reward of Giving and Sharing Love
    More as the Positive Feedback
    Becomes A Way to Light Us
    Up within inside outside
    above so below
    and all around
    and i could go into
    the Material Reductionist
    Parts of how the Neurohormonal
    And Neurochemical Aspect of Unadulterated
    Love Works but Truly it is a Practice of Love that
    Comes Now as Choice in always Swimming UpStream in
    Any Force Away from Love Fighting the Raging Currents
    of Negativity Refusing never ever never ever to Give
    up on Unconditional Unadulterating Giving Sharing
    Love Standing Taller ever more as a Mountain of
    Human Love Now Becomes a Greater
    Force of Life to Withstand
    the Dark and Carry
    on as Light to
    Give and
    Share forevermore
    now more .. anyway i’ve already taken
    up quite a bit of Your space.. so i will now
    Quote the two Parts that are most inspiring
    to me as You Speak to Your Loved This Way…

    “If life could fall in love, it would
    fall for you – a million times over….”

    “…And I wish I could tell you how
    much I admire and envy your careless
    playfulness, innocence and childlike laughter.

    I love you so much, that looking at you
    – other than with unadulterated love
    and awe, seems like a crime to me.”

    (Side note: i recognize this as this is Precisely
    How my Mother Loved me unforgettable It Is
    As This Love Giving Sharing LiveS on ALWaYS)

    This Truly Makes me Curious who this Wonderful
    Person is You Love for it seems Like they are too Good to
    Be True to be Real could it be Fiction could it be Real That
    is a Nice Car You are Riding on Top of i bet whoever Drives
    That could afford You the most Elegant Diamond Ring of all…
    What Would it take to Bring these Words so Stellar to Appreciate
    someone Like this what would this Person Do For You to Bring this
    Much Love in Return to them.. How Big a Diamond Ring do ‘they’ make
    How Much Fancier Do Cars and Homes and Mountain Vacations come now to
    Be to Fire a Love Like this in You For someone else.. i already Know and Sense
    And Feel that You are Capable of Loving Like This You’ve shown it in Your Poetry
    over and over and over again that You are one Who Loves Without Conditions that
    You would even Give Your Warm Blanket and Last Piece of Bread to Your Loved one
    to see them
    while You remained
    Hungry and Cold and You
    Would Bring them Joy even if
    You Cried in the Background where
    they could not hear the tiny wails of Your Sadness..
    True You Verse so many Soul Stirring and Heart Touching
    Parts of Love Whole Unconditional in Your Poetry that You must
    Be a Rare Empath one of those People who just Love and Love and
    Never Give up no matter what.. To Me it seems that this Individual You
    Love Must Imagine and Create A Million Dreams Bringing to Fruition so
    many Special things to Warm You inside on a Rainy Day inside or outside
    of You now.. for this is the way You Dance and Sing in Your Poetry and it just
    doesn’t Seem now that the Most Elegant Diamond Ring and Fastest Car and Biggest
    Home now would do the Love Treat for You For So So Much Devotion from Your Soul..
    For You Must Be Loved by them.. a Million Times over Now.. for You to Wish Life now
    to Fall in Love with them a Million Times Over as a Dream of Yours to Appreciate them
    but i Do Believe it is True they wouldn’t have to do anything to get so much appreciation
    from You other than Show You Kindness that never fails now they probably wouldn’t have to
    Buy You any Material things at all i bet all they would do is be Kind to You in never failing ways..
    It’s Just a Wild Guess for iLove to Solve Puzzles but True Love is More than a Million Dreams to
    Give and Share
    Love is the
    Art we
    Do that
    Brings Us
    to Incarnate
    Human LoVE NoW…
    Love is Worthy of Thanks
    Praise and Worship Loving It All
    is just another way to Dance and Sing Heaven
    now within inside outside above so below and all around
    Anyway if this Lover and Soulmate and Playmate is real
    God Bless You God Love You God Worship You as God too..
    it i am
    so Happy
    For You i am
    So Happy for Y.O.U..
    As ‘they’ Say Namaste
    i Hope this Person if Fiction
    Will come to Be for You and
    Let me meet them if they are
    Real for i will give them the Biggest
    Hug they have ever Felt for Taking Loving care of
    Sweetest Himali i have come into contact with so far..
    Other than that that is a really Awesome Photo i was so relieved
    to Glance at it Again to See that the Car is Parking and not Speeding Forward…
    With a Treasure
    Like Himali
    on Top
    True This
    Life Loves You
    Way too Much to Lose Y.O.U…:)


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