Happy Birthdayyy Dona


Remember, when we cut your birthday pizza instead of a birthday cake in 2012? When I wrote ‘Happy Birthday Don’ with the tomato ketchup on our plate and the restaurant manager came shouting at us? When I made you bunk your college for the first time and you became my stylist, making me a shopping list of items I must buy to stop looking like a geeky nerd? When back in 2008, you convinced my dad for the school picnic to Abu? When our parents would chit chat outside our board exam centers in 2009 and we’d nervously be doing the last minute cramming? When Miss Rashmi punished us on our first day in grade 11 in 2007? When we did the school rangoli together?

When we laughed our eyes out at the 44th Monkey in the class? When you coined me as the prodigal ‘out-standing’ student? When you would hear my sob stories over and over again? When you’d curse my slow bike all the time? When you helped to straighten my hair for the birthday party? When you loaned me your Chania Choli for Navratri and helped me to dress up? When we played Holi on my terrace? When we would meet in the parks to gossip and I’d insist on climbing on the trees?

When you’d come home to have Gujju food? When you’d ask for Kaju Katris in Diwali? When you’d sing just because I’d insist? When I’d get annoyed and J as you were always the teacher’s pet? When we would talk our hearts with one another without a worry in the world?

When we sneaked into IIMA? When you’d teach me computer programs before my exam? When we would talk endlessly over our BSNL landlines?

When life was so simple… When we just lived a few kilometers apart… When Amdavad was where we called our home?

Do you remember all this? I miss you, so much! Happy birthday darling 💖😘

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthdayyy Dona

  1. Recalling memories is a gift you give to both, the receiver and yourself. It was nice to know that you have treasured those beautiful moments in the form of memories. Live long and be happy girls.


  2. First of all Hellooove Himali Long Time it seems seeing you
    Blogging so Nice to See You Back again and yes i remember
    this Photo Clearly as You Celebrated Your School Friends on
    Your Blog from Your Unique Smile here as each one is Different like
    a Finger print too.. you know in someways it Seems overall Women
    are so Fortunate to Share Friendships like this more Across their Lives.. seen it happen
    before so Lovely it is to see.. my Mother Had Friendships like this across her Life and TBH
    it made me a Bit Jealous as i just didn’t know how to make that happen with anyone then..
    Smiles live and learn Friends Are Valuable to
    Nourish With Love.. Your Friend here seems
    Very Special i am Sure she is as Kind and
    Sweet As you.. i’m not sure about all the
    Men but i’ve never met an unkind
    Indian Woman in my Life..
    pretty much the Same
    With Pakistan
    as wow there
    are a lot of Bloggers
    from India And Pakistan
    True.. hmm.. mostly Women too..
    oh well Darn i’m a man haha.. but it’s
    so nice to Visit with Nice Folks like You..
    God Bless Your Friend may you always find a Loving
    Connection with Your Friends in Life all it takes really
    is to keep reaching out it seems to me at least now..:)


  3. Such are rare friendship to treasure, silly moments making memory and celebrating and everlasting bond. You made me go back to my college days and how I wish to get back those days of flawlessness. Happy birthday to your friend Dona and may this bond remain forever.


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