100 Happy Days


I had been intending to write this blog since April 1st and finally being able to have the pen and paper meet, feels liberating. Back in 2014, I started the 100 Happy Days Challenge on my IG where I would post a picture every day of something which made me happy. Reviewing back those pictures made me nostalgic πŸ™‚ They were simple memories – books, breakfast packed from my favorite place on a weekend, watching the dogs play, seashells collected from the beach and stored in my ‘Treasure Trove’ box. I hadn’t managed to complete the 100 days challenge, I guess after day 34; I broke the rhythm and lost the momentum.

Consistency is such an important virtue in life, isn’t it? In all walks of life… It is not really about doing something just once or twice, but building habits, a sustainable growth path for oneself.

When I started ‘The Happyness Project’ in 2018, I witnessed my life shift – almost miraculously. I became a magnet to magic and happy vibes. I still bask in the warmth of how beautiful those days felt when amidst all the turmoil around, my days were bright and light. They say that the best competition for yourself is YOU! Today, I challenge myself for the 100 Happy Days challenge, again πŸ™‚Β 

Things that made me happy today:

  • Morning phone call with my friend after days (which felt like ages) to check up on each other, talking about what made us tremble and offering an encouraging word to one another.
  • Having ‘my’ people to talk to through the day – my brother and my mom (My angels – days feel incomplete without hearing their voice)
  • Being brave enough to ask for help (being vulnerable, admitting you’re wrong and asking to be rescued means you’re putting aside your ego and willing to learn, listen and surrender)
  • Finally taking the time to write this post…
  • Good hair day! (My favorite) ❀

36 thoughts on “100 Happy Days

  1. Very well choice Dude…You really need this now. Too much Happiest for you.😘

    Happiness is the cure of everything, whether it is Physical pain or mental pain.

    Life is really full of miracles, and believe that everyday makes you more awesome, just you go with the flow with your presence of mind. πŸ€—πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

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  2. I took this opportunity to go back into the earlier days of blogging. You broke my silence on WP and I started commenting again. I am hoping to meet you at this place for next 100 days. May you find happiness every single day. Have a good time. I will be stalking you as always. πŸ˜‰


  3. Isn’t it simply amazing how focusing on happiness brings so much more happiness to our lives? It is because we are changing our perspective. Looking out for the good things generates good feelings which again attracts more good things to be happy about. The better it gets the better it gets…

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  4. You were looking out for ‘happiness’ dear lady and attracted it like a magnet, but like all of life many things come in to grab our attention and distract us.
    But as Erika has said, we will attract what we put out there, they are all beautiful lessons…and yes, even the bad ones have a beauty within them so that we appreciate those happy moments all the more when they arrive.
    May each day always find a twinkle in your eye, a smile on your lips and a deep breath of love in your heart Himali ❀

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    • Hello Mark, to be honest – I am amazed and humbled by the love and the positive vibes you and everyone here at WP have shared with me. Thank you so much for everything and your beautiful and kind wishes for me! πŸ™‚ Hugs ❀

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  5. Even though you didn’t complete the happiness challenge the first time, it’s great that you have so many wonderful memories to look back on! It’s the simple things like watching dogs play or having a good cup of coffee that make life worthwhile πŸ™‚

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    • It was such a beautiful trip down the memory lane watching the simple stuff I had managed to capture. On Day 18, I took a picture of a snail I spotted in my office garden and on Day 10, I had some delicious sweets from home which made me super happy. Happyness is simple, I guess we over complicate life at times πŸ™‚

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      • Unforeseen animal encounters like your snail picture always help tp improve my day too πŸ™‚

        We definitely overcomplicate happiness! Some of it isn’t our fault though, many of our societies are designed to encourage competition and anxiety. That’s why we need to push for systems that favor cooperation and mutual support!


        • So very true.. It is in mutual love and support that we find real joy πŸ™‚

          I love watch the dogs play, especially the little pups, the butterflies in the garden, little bees, sit in the grass, walk bare feet on the grass, stargazing, walking along the sea, making designs on the wet sand, follow the flight of a bird… Nature is captivating!


  6. Helloooove HiMaLi.. so Good to See You Blogging again as well
    as engaging Your ‘Happiness Project’ again as i surely remember it from last
    Year and enjoyed viewing what made you happy then.. counting our Blessings
    for this Gift of Life is so important and it is true Medical Science Shows each time
    we do this we get a Boost of the Neurochemical Serotonin.. Yes.. the Core part of Brain
    Chemistry that Psychotropic Drugs aim to increase to Bring Comfort to folks who are all
    Stressed and Down about
    life as i’ve mentioned before
    in my Dark Days that finally
    ended in the Summer of 2013 on
    my Birthday i wrote a post Called
    “Visiting the Garden of Band-Aid’ i was bound
    and determined to bring my Emotions back so i listed
    every nice thing anyone has said to me my entire life
    as i was in a place online where everyone was negative then..
    no Meaning
    no Purpose
    no Holy and
    Sacred Feelings
    of Life expressed so i decided to blog then
    to create my own Light out of that darkness
    so for 24 Hours straight i wrote that blog post
    haha.. really small at about 6 Thousand Words
    still what i easily output in the Morning of a Day.. these
    days as practice makes practice makes so many ways to
    collect the Blessings of Life as Happiness accumulates beyond
    all beliefs before
    so wired
    we become
    for Happiness
    that no one will take
    it away true we become
    beings of light this way i wish
    you great success in all your days of
    counting your Blessings my Friend.. haha..
    i would love to finish my blog post that i have been
    trying to finish the last few days but friends i have the
    most gratitude for and i will never see as distractions in my life..
    i take
    effort to
    please friends
    in everyway i can and will
    for true i used to be in a place
    where almost no one even cared that i existed at all
    i care that i exist and i love all of this life dearly so i
    Collect Happiness my Favorites always as a favorite
    Hobby too..
    BDW.. i
    had a
    Hair day too..:)

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