100 Happy Days – Day 2


I honestly felt so overwhelmed with all the love and warmth from everyone who stopped by and wrote back to me on my post last evening!

I think gratitude is also very much about giving back and to stop by and appreciate…

Things I did to make someone happy today:

  • I wrote a handwritten letter to my mom just to tell her how much I adore her. I took a picture of the same and sent her by email as a little surprise.


Things that made me happy today

  • Quiet time to reflect upon in the morning
  • Productive day at work
  • Having ‘my’ people to talk to through the day
  • Speaking with my friends in India after a long time
  • Evening meditation class
  • Sumptuous South Indian dinner (idli, sambhar, and chutney) and my favorite evening snack at tea time (vagharela mamra) ❀
  • Replying to the comments on 100 Happy Days post from last evening
  • Having people in my life who make me feel loved and blessed, every step of the way
A picture from last evening πŸ˜€ SMILE – because, life is beautiful


28 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 2

  1. Isn’t it amazing that we are most grateful for the people in our lives and all that comes through this? Our friends and families are the most important things. If we have at least that we cannot get lost.
    Yes, life is beautiful and so are you, Himali. Your eyes are mesmerizing😊

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  2. You’ve stepped past a phase in your life Himali and become something more…more you! ❀
    And you cannot be but what you have become…it is in your eyes, that glow that cannot be faked but ask the listener to touch what you are. Some will run because they are not ready yet, some will hover because they do not understand yet, and others will be strangers because they have touched something wonderful in their adventures and wish to adventure some more…are 'you' ready? πŸ˜€

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    • I am so grateful to have a friend like you, with whom I could share my spiritual journey! Thank you for being there to encourage me, every step of the way. And yes… I am ready for all the adventures life holds for me πŸ™‚

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