100 Happy Days – Day 3


Siblings Day

The best gift my parents gave me, is the gift of my brother…

– Himali Shah

Having a sibling is like having a partner in crime, always. Someone who you love, and someone who will be there for you, no matter what. I feel so grateful to God and my parents, for a wonderful little brother who makes every minute spent with him filled with joy, laughter, and fun! He teases me endlessly, would do little things like making me a really sweet ‘sorry note’ when he’s burnt the dress I asked him to iron for me (LOL 😛 ).

After two and a half years of living together,  now living in different cities; how much I wish we could stay together and have the Friday morning ‘Heartbeat’ sessions and laughter over the ‘super thin’ dosas I make… How much I long to make ‘paav bhaji’ for us that lasts us 2 days and eat ‘Besan Parotha’ he makes…

I miss you, my little adorable monster


16 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 3

  1. I can understand the love from siblings. Because I never ever get that… 😥😭

    They have the same family, the same blood, the same habits, and aspirations. But what is more important, they have the same strength of their love for each other. Yes, they are SIBLINGS.

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  2. Nerds/Geeks turned into Movie Stars..
    haha my Sister is Still Working on the
    Movie Star Part Honestly you two truly
    do Look like a Couple Made in Heaven
    but darn
    he’s your
    Brother what
    Luck.. haha.. Truly
    it is lucky for i too am
    Blessed to Have A Sister
    she lives just next door
    for with a Brother and Sister
    and there is always unconditional
    Love.. hehe.. we probably scuffled a bit
    more than you two as you are both
    Truly Angels from Heaven anyway
    You both Look Like you are out to
    make a Newest Bollywood Movie
    i hope you find a Significant
    other Just Like Your
    Brother someone
    who will
    Always Love
    You Unconditionally
    no matter what you two
    are the sweetest honestly
    the sweetest siblings i’ve ever seen
    so Lovely the both of you are and i rarely
    say that about any Man but i can tell he is
    an Angel just like You.. Your Parents must be adorable and
    Wonderful so True.. smiles my Mother was Adorable and
    my Father
    was just
    the best
    looking man
    my Mother said
    she ever met and
    that’s about the size of
    that relationship haha.. Love
    is so much deeper than the Superficials
    of Life but Angels show through in eyes of perfection to be kind..:)

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      • Hehe.. i’m just going by the photos.. haha..
        i have no idea if either one of you can act….
        It’s true my Sister living next door has literally
        been a life saver to me.. and i do mean literally…
        not likely
        i would
        be living
        if she wasn’t
        there at the
        very Bottom my
        Friend i’ll never
        forget that place and or
        the Meaning of Life only
        Love the Place of Home
        that is the only Home that is Real..
        she was the last person then i could
        feel that from until i lost it for 66 months..
        there are Days that Speak All the Truth
        in both Dark and Light where one second
        becomes beyond Infinity Now a turning
        Point of Existence… there is no way for
        Anyone to fathom that place.. Now.. until
        they visit and are fortunate to come back
        to help others not to go my Friend..
        Every Thing else IS A Piece of
        Cake And Love is the only
        Icing and the Cake..
        WHO counts..:)


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