100 Happy Days – Day 4



Nothing can beat the beauty of the time spent in the lap of mother nature…

– Himali Shah

When I go for a walk to the parks around, I feel captivated by the beauty of nature, the joy of resting in the green grassy hills and closing my eyes for a bit, the chirping of the birds and the colorful flowers around…

My Friday morning began at 7 AM, followed by a peaceful meditation session. It was so much fun interacting with other abhyaasi’s after the session while we all socialized over breakfast.

I went for a short walk to a park close by and luckily the weather was so perfect! There was cool breeze around and the sun was hidden in the clouds. To top it all, I sneaked into the kids play area for a few slide rides πŸ˜‰ Being a child is so much fun, isn’t it?

Special thanks to my dearest friend, senior and ex-colleague – Trupti, for all the wonderful interactions we have, and the thoughts you share with me. I feel like I have known you for infinity! Miss you, T… Hope to see you soon ❀




My spot for the day ‘Hill House’ ❀
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-12 at 15.25.37.jpeg
Never grow up, NEVER πŸ˜€

16 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 4

  1. “Never Grow Up Never”
    Haha.. you already know
    we are in 100 Percent agreement
    here.. so Nice to See You Blogging Again
    Himali.. whenever i meet a nice Person online
    who is truly Friendly and Brave enough to actually
    Visit my “Mother and Father” of all Blogs in Size and Scope
    (note: once is enough considering one of my Blog Posts is as
    large as what most folks write in 7 Years hehe.. yes multiples of
    7 Years of Blogs in just one Blog Post by little old me.. haha.. hehe)
    i make a pledge to visit them ‘religiously’ as long as i am welcome now…
    i think i may have missed one or two of your Posts but that was entirely
    A Mistake when i set a Promise to do something ain’t much gonna stop me
    from eventually
    Following through
    hehe and that too is
    why today is my 3060th
    Consecutive Day of Writing too..
    i never give up not even in the 66
    Months i was in Hell on Earth for that
    is all that kept me Here on Earth then..
    when i started 33 Months into Hell Writing on
    Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. Thanksgiving truly to
    me that was and still is everyday still now..We/
    Are Wise to keep Habits Long that keep /Us
    Alive and Happy and when i was your age
    truly my only goal as far as work life goes
    was to afford somewhere always in the Forest
    Where a Nature Home would/will always be
    my best Friend for True i found
    God in Nature when
    the Humans told
    me in no
    terms that
    i did belong
    when i was a Baby
    Bird and odd Duckling
    Seen as both Ugly and Weak
    Smiles Pets Don’t See Ugly ever
    or Weak or Disabilities or any other
    Human Superficial Difference and neither
    Does the rest of Nature as far as Unconditional
    Love that is in Abundance for us to seek now and
    find for Free.. i find this in Nature i find this in the
    very few Family Members less than a handful who
    express an interest in Family ties still.. and true i find
    it online where it doesn’t matter what we look like or how we
    sound when we talk how we walk hehe or even if we sweat too
    much when we dance and come back from an exhausting work-out too..
    that way too..
    online is
    a haven for
    people who may
    have problems finding
    friends for people who have
    problems being extraverted in real
    life too..this writing Journey of mine
    not only helped me to Escape Hell connecting
    Words with Emotions helping me to feel so much more
    Human Being again.. Words bring me out of my Shell
    they make me friendly with everyone i meet they even
    brought a Dance to me that never ends in 67 Months
    and 11,080 Miles of doing that Dance in Public Now
    along with 6.7 Million Words of Long Form Free Verse
    Poem Effort in 67 Months now too.. thing is HiMaLi People
    used to say Fred Fred always has smiling eyes before i had
    eye problems and people could see my eyes but Fred is always
    The Man of Few Words who can solve all the Problems with Kind
    Smiling eyes and that is just about all we know about Fred except
    even all i said when anyone asked me how have been doing all those
    Decades the only two words i had for anyone even on the Phone was
    just been working just been working yes that is three words repeated
    twice.. i said it so fast it seemed like two words.. i was just about the most
    Introverted Person anyone knew particularly when Computers came along
    as just using Computers as Spread Sheets for Facts made me even less Human
    True my
    Friend it felt
    like i never fully
    lived and now i dance
    and sing i am so happy to see
    you regularly blogging again i see
    you as a dearest friend i was so happy
    to see you each day here on Your Birthday
    Month for it felt like i had a real friend every day
    then.. truly it’s not easy for some of us to find friends
    but when
    we do
    them like
    the most precious
    Gold ever to cherish..
    smiles it won’t be too hard
    to come back here each day
    and say some words to you even
    if you do this the rest of your life
    for that is what dearest friends are for side by side..
    We are Nature we are Pets we treat each other Nice we are
    always kind it’s like writing 3060 Consecutive Days we never
    give up being Kind..
    even when people
    make us
    like we
    are not
    one of their kind..
    Some People may say
    i am trying to steal your Thunder
    with all these Words but true my Friend
    i only seek to give you Lightening… Smiles…
    there is a Song by Imagine Dragons set in the
    United Arab Emirates called ‘Thunder’ that speaks to this well in Dubai too..:)

    The Last Four Letters in the YouTube Link for that Song are WeUs for the Five Before
    FKopy… Smiles at least for me i don’t see any thing in Life as a Coincidence
    for those who
    See And Hear
    God’s Face
    my Friend…
    i See that in You..
    God will always find
    A Time And Way for WeUs to Be Friends..:)

    i Feel Very relaxed…

    i am SMiLinG Always Now.. Now..:)

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