It is the warmth that matters

Ever wondered, what is that makes us feel welcome at some place? When visiting friends or relatives or even strangers is it a nice, spacious and lavishly furnished house, or a place with a nice view of the city or the mountains?

My experience with people has made me come to an understanding that for me, one and only one thing matters – warmth in the hearts. Place or resources seldom matters. What matters is how much you are loved and made to feel welcome. 

To date, I often recollect the best food I have had in my entire life. When we were young, my parents, me and my brother had gone to a small village named ‘Koba’ near my hometown, Ahmedabad. We 4 drove to Koba on my dad’s scooter to visit my mom’s ‘Fai Maharaj’ (my mom’s relative, she had taken ‘deeksha’ and was living as a monk). My brother and I played during the day and when it was evening, we were all set to leave as we had a long drive on our scooter to reach home. Fai maharaj insisted that we have dinner and then leave as it would be quite late till the time we would be home and we would be hungry too. She asked a lady who worked at the upashray to make dinner for us. That aunty went to her home in the village close by and fetched a small cup with oil, chilly powder, salt, flour, and a cabbage (grown in her backyard). What we were served half an hour later, has been the most delicious food I have eaten till date – ‘Bajri no rotlo and kobi nu shaak’. 


The love she put in when she made the meal for us – made it the sweetest and the most delicious food. My mom and I recollect this incident to date and remember this as the most magical meal we have ever had.

It is very much possible to feel out of place at a home filled with luxury where you’re not loved and enjoy the most with people who hardly have anything, but are so full of love for you. We have a saying for this in Gujarati which says:

આવ નહિ ,
આદર નહિ ,
નહિ નયન માં નેહ …

એવા ઘરે કદી ના જઇયે
કંચન વર્ષે મેહ …

The above roughly translates to the fact that the home where you’re not welcome, the home where you’re not respected, the home where there’s no love for you in their eyes – never to go to such homes, even if it rains gold there…

What really prompted me to write this post was the stark contrast I noticed about how I felt when I recently visited a friend’s home which was filled with all the luxury you can ask for, where I simply felt unwelcome v/s a tiny place where one of my best friend (a family of 3) lives and I  spent the weekend with her family. My friend’s daughter and I snuggled to sleep on a little bed and her family and I chatted all day. Those memories are priceless! Never for a moment, did I feel out of place or not a part of her family. She made sure I felt included and loved.

What matters the most is the love, warmth and how people around us make us feel ❤ 

26 thoughts on “It is the warmth that matters

  1. A very perceptive Post Himali …….. and so true. One of my greatest memories was being taken by a total stranger into their home where I was fed, given a bed for the night, and fed again in the morning before I went on my way. That family was in an industrial area of small, compact row/terraced houses and clearly were not financially wealthy. They shared their home with me, and asked for nothing in return. We need more people like that! 🙂

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  2. Very well said the bitter truth of Society… Those people and their emotions are important which are connected by heart. Very good implementation of Proverb.

    Be like Lord Krishna, who gave importance to his poor friend Sudama against his wealth.😊

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  3. The simplicity and warmth of human relations touch us in such a deep way and stays with us forever. I love this piece from you and something everyone should read, how to be more humans and living up to Indian values, Athiti devo bhava 🙂

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  4. SMiLes my Friend so pleased to see you making
    Close to your Record of 4 Posts in one day might
    as well wait to beat it for another day..haha.. this
    is so True the Tender and Warm Affection of the Heart
    IS What even makes Human Human but you see my Friend
    there is a Science for tHe Art of being human With Warmth and Tenderness
    this is not a Guarantee
    for this Heart to Pump
    even from the
    of Warmth where
    a Nurturing Presence of a Mother
    or others Brings this Home alive in
    Terms of Spirit that truly reaches out and
    touches not only is the Love of a Mother Required
    but the Love of a Village to make Life Home other wise
    Love goes cold and reasons become all the rules.. smiles
    my Friend my Home is Dance and Song.. i never see borders
    walls or ceilings Just Home a Dance and Song that and who is
    Free to
    reach out
    to a Stranger
    or less than a Grain
    of Sand and feel i am Home
    to give and share for free.. i understand
    how to make the Grinch Heart Stronger you
    Love Every Blink and Breath of Life
    Yes… honestly i suggest you write always
    every day for the rest of your life come hell or high
    water or too many words from Fred.. haha.. it’s never
    worth it to lose your soul to have that dark night of the soul
    when there are ways to never have to go there again.. writing is one of them
    and so are all these Friends you make on the path to life as ‘Significant others’
    come and
    but you
    will carry
    your heart
    with you to the
    Grave and beyond as Spirit..
    Write for Your Soul Write for Your Life
    Never Run away from who are deep down..
    Move Connect and Co-Create As Your Fingers Dance And
    Sing This way Free With Global Tools Humans have created
    to Love without Borders..
    It’s truly
    the most
    Job you Do or Money you’ll ever
    make hehe.. at least in my
    Experience my Friend..
    in terms
    of the
    of our Souls..:)

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  5. Wow, this touched my heart, Himali. It is the love of the people or the love for the people that makes memories so unforgettable and priceless. For sure, whatever comes from those moments (food too) will have the same amazing energy.💖

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  6. Beautiful words Himali. And it is most certainly the hearts that we feel.
    Eventually as we face our fears our hearts go out to them because we realise that they are still going through their ‘journey’ to find that inner love. They struggle to step past this worlds love of money until they realise it doesn’t love them back, there is no love in a grand house or a pot of gold.
    It can only be found in the twinkle of an eye and a smile from the heart ❤

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