100 Happy Days – Day 5 (April 14th)


Sunday = Funday!

Ask, and you shall receive…


Being a kid is so much fun! The thrill of being fearless. To ask and to experiment without a worry in the world. As we grow up as adults, we start holding these ideas that limit our interactions with strangers and our experience with the newness of the world.

There were a bunch of happppyyyy things which made my Sunday, such a fun day:

  • I had a proper conversation with my dad after ages during the lunch break! Usually, our interactions would go like – “Hey, here… Talk to mom”.


  • Planned a trip (Courtesy – Daddy dearest) 🙂

  • My meditation teacher texted me that in about a week, I will be completing a year with the practice.. I called her and took a moment to thank her for being so patient with me, always listening to anything I had to say and helping me explore the world of peace and stillness.


  • Exchanging emails with my mom, to let her know that I miss her

  • A beautiful evening walk by the sea (14K) ❤ ❤

  • SHOWSTOPPER – A bike ride

When was the last time, you did something you feared?

Something for the first time?

It so happened that while I was walking by the park, I saw a lot of people skating and cycling. I too had the urge to bike around. The wind was cool and the weather was very pleasant. I thought of asking someone to loan me their bike for a few mintues to take a quick ride… But, the ‘mini me’ was just so reluctant. I am usually quite shy to approach strangers, let alone asking for favors.

Over these years, I have learnt that there is no harm in trying and starting with a smile 🙂 After all, what is the maximum that can go wrong or what is the maximum to lose?

I had all these thoughts in my mind, but still I couldn’t really nail down on my fear and ask someone… I was about to reach the end of the park zone, deep inside still trying to muster the courage. I saw two people in the park exercising, with their bikes parked near them. I casually went and asked if I could borrow their bike for a short ride?

Guess what….? I got a “Yes, sure”. No questions asked! 🙂 I had a short bike ride feeling like Kayra from Dear Zindagi, bidding adieu to all my fears… I returned the bicycle to the owner and thanked him. Then I went ahead to ask him for a photograph with the bike AND him and further explained to him about the 100 Happy Days project on my blog. They were quite amused and here is the picture below!

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-14 at 21.46.37.jpeg


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