100 Happy Days – Day 6 (April 15th)


Do what you love, love what you do…

My day was a happy day, because….

  • Productive day at work
  • Meditation class
  • Made a new friend, whose leg I got to pull over emails 😀
  • Selfie with the moon on my evening stroll ❤

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-15 at 21.37.50

  • An unexpected email, though my blog’s contact page; which made my day! A big big thank you, to every person who stops by DecodingHappyness… It is your love and company, that has made this journey so so amazing!



3 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 6 (April 15th)

  1. Climbing Every Mountain With
    Gradually Increasing Complexity
    Without Fear Gaining Flow as Steps
    Become Bounds And Leaps over Before..
    Scaling Valleys
    Back up
    and Love
    in Will of
    Never Giving
    up A New Friend A New
    Star Above Below a New
    Breath and Blink of God
    for the Universe to Feel More..
    Nature and Night a Best Friend
    A Moon Above Still is to Be.. Smiles
    only one thing left to Wonder all these
    you not yet
    once have you Pulled my Leg.. hehe..
    Smiles SMiLes Don’t Be Afraid i will not bite..
    Smiles and now i realize how this HappYness
    Project Works it’s not consecutive Days it is only
    the Days You are Happy.. Smiles Sweet Success
    is no matter how dark it gets finding at least one thing
    a Day
    even in
    Darkness that
    Brings you Light to Celebrate..
    Smiles my Friend Lesson in Hell never forgotten new..:)

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