100 Happy Days – Day 7 (April 16th)


It is okay, not to be okay (sometimes) 🙂

You have some of these days when things just don’t go right. When your morning gets stressful as you have something new to figure out and you get lost, stuck and late! Then as the day progresses, you feel worse, physically sick and weak.

My day yesterday was something on the above lines. By afternoon, I felt feverish and every bone in my body was hurting. I sent a text message to my brother and my friend and instantly my brother called me up. The tone of my voice on the phone was very weak, it was as if I was about to cry. I got instructions to leave for home asap, visit the doctor and rest for the evening.

My mind was so clouded and confused that I could barely figure out the exact reason for my fatigue. I spoke with my mom during the lunch hour and a sense of relief and warmth embraced me. Luckily, I got a cozy sunny corner for the afternoon, which helped soothe the chilly shivers I felt from the fatigue. A sense of calm soothed me, as I attended an interesting talk on Predictive Analysis (it also inspired me to learn to code).

I headed back home in the evening and was slightly unsure of the route when I asked help from someone around. Not only did the gentleman show me the directions, but he also walked me to the bus station!

I hopped on to my ride, which almost arrived immediately (perfect timings 😀 ) and started my journey home. I asked my neighbor about the stop I had to get down to, and a kind stranger sitting behind me gave me the directions. It was again so magical – he told me that he would alert me when I had to get down so I need not worry. The uncle offboarded the bus with me and walked me to the place I was asking directions for. We got talking and he was speaking to me in fluent Hindi. He was originally from Egypt and had lived in the city for 30 years. He was headed to the mosque for his evening prayer. When he saw me asking my neighbor for information on the bus stop, he decided to walk me to my destination so that I wouldn’t get lost; and hence he got down 2 stops earlier than his usual destination. He then told me that he would pray at a different mosque today and also offered me water/ tea.

I was totally blown away with his gesture, generosity, and kindness! Didn’t God just send over his angels to take care of me and make sure I was fine – I wonder….

I met my friends later that evening, had chit chats and laughter, discussed the morning mess up and they, in turn, shared their struggle of traveling in Mumbai local trains, which made me take back all my complaints and feel so much more grateful for all the comforts I have been taking for granted.

Having people around to take care of you when you are not in the best of your health, is such a blessing!

Days like these, make me realize how lucky I am…. 🙂

Dear God, I thank you. In gratitude, I accept your loving gifts and kindness…



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