100 Happy Days – Day 11 (April 20th)


Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.

–  Thomas Gray


Happyness is:

  • Waking up to a song/ poem playing in the mind, stumbling out the bed to quickly find a pen and paper – lest we forget! Borrowing your neighbor’s pen, finding a new diary, writing poetry after ages, and heading back to sleep again 😀
  • Shampoo & conditioner days ❤
  • Warm sumptuous lunch which takes you back to the good old days when mom would serve hot lunch in the afternoon – Rotli, shaak, daal, rice, salad, buttermilk, and green chutney….
  • Afternoon naps …zzZzz….
  • Tea in cute huge mugs! (Moroccan mint tea with fresh lemon)

10 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 11 (April 20th)

  1. Happiness is, and, Things worth living for:
    To realise that this journey is done with a love and beauty like no other…and in that discovery finally touch our own love, no longer bound by those conditional fears we build that bind us ❤

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  2. Was going thru a bit tough day, read your last 5 days of “Happiness Project”. Brought smile on my face. It is great that you can celebrate and feel happiness in small small things and write about them. Thank you!

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