100 Happy Days – Day 9 (April 18th)


The Sun and A Song 🙂 

When was the last time you found a song, fell in love with it and listened to it over a hundred times in one single day?? 😀 Wednesday night I found one such melody, which I played until I fell asleep, and the next morning when I woke up; I woke up humming the song in my sleep! I didn’t keep a tab on how many times I heard the song during the day, but the lyrics of the song were spot on! There were 2 very beautiful lines I’d listen to, over and over again.

Music makes everything so magical ❤

My lack of affinity to colder temperatures (READ anything below 22 degrees celsius 😛 ) often lands me up shivering and praying for something warm. The first half of the day I was at a conference and the AC was literally blasting! My fingers were freaking cold and I had 4 cups of green tea just to keep myself and my palms warm 😀

Finally, when it was lunch time, my friend and I decided that we weren’t as hungry as we were cold and numb. We tried to find a corner with some sun rays to soak. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any :/ We ditched the venue, went straight out of the hotel, found a sunny spot by the porch and basked in the warmth for moments which felt beautifully infinite.

Happyness lies in all things – small, free and ordinary ❤

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