If tomorrow doesn’t come?

Zoya: You were gonna tell me something LATER, tell me!

Div: Haan, LATER hasn’t come yet! There’s a time and place for everything. Always.

Zoya: Not fair! Tomorrow may never come, remember that.

Div: If that happens, then you should know that I love you. Now don’t say anything

There are so many things we keep pushing until tomorrow – waking up early, eating right, working out, saying words of love to the people who matter, trying to skate, making the first painting on canvas, writing the letter which you’ve kept forever in your heart…Β 

A lot of times, that tomorrow – NEVER COMES. I know it’s such a rude thing to say! Today, while cleaning up my room, amidst tons of books, I found a paper on which I wrote down in 2015, the list of things I wanted to learn/ do. I mapped my actual progress today, against that list and the progress % is SO LOW! I used to have intense discussions on how each of these could be ticked off and had a game plan against most of them – somehow, I lost the momentum in the busyness of life.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-30 at 21.39.36.jpeg

This list, gave me a sense of purpose and direction, again. I need to update this list and get started to tick off these things πŸ™‚

Most importantly, I never want to stop conveying to the people who matter that they do… and never want to stop writing here πŸ™‚

Much love ❀
Himali xx

21 thoughts on “If tomorrow doesn’t come?

  1. SMiLes Nice
    to See A Bit
    of You As
    Art On
    Your Blog..
    Life is too Short to Be Science
    Life is Never Ending Now As aRT..
    It’s Not A Question
    Really of
    To Be
    or Not
    To Be
    It’s An
    Answer to Live..
    Art Will Be a Very
    Lonely Place but it
    is always living now..
    And truly never alone For Life
    Breathes Everywhere this way allone..
    There are No Bucket Lists in Eternal
    Heaven now my Friend Just Art Now
    Who Breathes
    3 Letter
    Word for
    4 Letter ones too..:)

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  2. Hi Himali – For any goal to have a chance of success, it must have the following criteria:

    1. It must have a realistic time frame – This not only allows you to plan your goal, but also provides the opportunity to accommodate other goals and normal lifestyle.

    i.e. Kayaking. Being a fine weather interest, you could schedule it in your congenial months, and pin it down to a weekend (e.g.) where you have nothing else going on; have access to a kayak; any friends you want to share the experience with are available etc etc.

    If you do a serious job of planning to do it, there is an excellent chance it will be achieved

    2. It must be measurable. If you cannot measure it in some way, then you cannot monitor your progress.

    i.e. Kayaking. If your goal to kayak currently exceeds your ability, then you can work backwards from your scheduled goal date, and then plan what you have to do to get your ability in synch with your desire.

    Casual goal setting is invariably doomed to failure because life has a habit of offering tempting diversions from perceived goals but, if you really want to achieve a goal … then give that goal sufficient importance to plan for it … and let life take a diversion if/when necessary.

    I have run a number of marathons, and achieving that distance cannot be realized without planning ahead. One cannot casually run 26.2 miles! Where as distance running is relatively easy to for goal setting, other interests/activities can use the same planning process. You just need to be creative! πŸ™‚

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    • Everytime you write something, it has gems of your wisdom! I so agree with you on the aspects of proper planning and goals being measurable. Helps to keep one focused. A lot of times I would start with something for instance running and then a vacation comes in between the training schedule and it all goes hay wire and getting back in sync is something which needs a lot of rework.

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  3. It is wonderful that you found the list again. It truly makes you think. We may have the strongest intentions but life comes in our way and then we … postpone and then forget. But I also think that it wasn’t time for many things we did not go for right away. Perhaps it needed the 4 years in between to make you even more determined and ready. Or perhaps the things on the list experience some slight changes or even upgrades… there is a reason the list has not been still checked off yet. So, have fun getting it started, Himali 😊

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    • You have an amazing point of view, always! I love how beautifully you took the long over due delays to the list and encouraged me to go for it now πŸ™‚ thank you for the gift of your friendship πŸ₯° hugs your way!

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      • When the time is right to do it, then you will do it anyway. If you don’t do it, the time may not be right yet. When you feel the fire burning then you will find ways. Enjoy your enthusiasm, Himali, and thank you for letting us be part of it πŸ’–


  4. You’re very right, for many things in life, tomorrow never comes.

    I do have a wish list.. but I strongly believe ‘the tomorrow’ will come for me.

    Let’s see. Man proposes. Almighty disposes.

    All the best with your plans.


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