Happyness is here!

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Spending time amidst nature and with kids are two sure shot ways to brighten up my days. I am on a short vacation and it is so much fun taking time to do things which otherwise are difficult to catch up with otherwise. I’m visiting my parents and have rented a bicycle here to explore around with a greet footprint.

The other morning a went for a bike ride near my University, where there’s some construction work in progress. I saw a little boy taking around his baby brother in a makeshift DIY cart! The little kid looked so pleased as he was getting a ride from his big brother and his brother was equally joyous 😀 They were kids of the workers who stayed in camps for the construction at the site. I chatted with them and asked their age and where they live, they seemed so amused and the little boy gave me a hi-five!

I promised them to get some biscuits/ chocolates for the and whizzed on my bike to find some store open inside the campus. I found a little tea stall open just outside the University gate and got a couple of packets of biscuits for the boys and their friends and set on my way to find the little bundles of joy. The toddler was quite excited to see me again and when I gave him and his brothers the little snack, they had such a shine in their eyes 🙂

This was my happy moment of the day… Watching them smile and having fun, despite everything was very touching. I’m glad I could add a little to their bright, beautiful smiles…. There is so much to learn from these little angels ❤

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Happyness is the little things…
Happyness is with people you love…
Happyness is simplicity…
Happyness is inside you…
Happyness is here!

Much love,

13 thoughts on “Happyness is here!

  1. HappYness is Whole
    ReMeMBeRinG LiVinG
    LoVinG NoW A Child’s
    EYes.. THere is
    No Degree
    Or Job
    More Advanced
    In Heaven Now
    Than Three Years
    Old I Still Remember
    God of Joy forever eternal
    Within Looking Across the
    River to the Forest God Same At 3 Before i
    Could Speak
    At 4
    All these
    Years attempting
    To Imprison God In
    Words so Fortunate
    To Feel
    And Sense
    God as Pure Love
    Before a PriSon of
    Words Keep Smiling Kiddo

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