It is the little things that matter!

Have you had people who notice and take care of the little things for you? Like pulling you to the inner side as you walk on the road, getting you a sweater when it is cold, walking you right to your doorstep, giving you the wake-up call when you need to get up extra early…. Little things like these, makes my heart melt!

Yesterday evening my college friends and I had a mini-reunion. Our friend was visiting from the States after close to 6 years and it was so much fun catching up with the pack after all these years. We met around 10:30 PM and I had no track of time as we joked and talked about our lives. Around 0:15 AM my friend suggested that we should get going as it would be too late for me to go home… It was then that I checked my watch to see the time 😛 Not only that, my friend drove behind me (although I drive at a painfully low speed) in his car all the way, while I zipped my scooter home. I thought it was a very sweet gesture. I live in a very safe city and it wasn’t incredibly late, yet my friend offered to drive (behind) me home!


It is now 10 years since we’ve all been friends, and they are less of friends and more of a family to me 🙂

Cheers to beautiful friendships 🙂

33 thoughts on “It is the little things that matter!

  1. SMiLes So Wonderful Keeping Friends together like
    this from School Years it seems i remember
    seeing you then in another Photo with
    These Same Friends from
    Years ago.. might have
    been FB but so nice to
    see you all together again..
    it was like that when i went
    to my 40 Year Class Reunion
    Last Summer too so nice to have
    Photos that will last forever from that event too..
    days to you Again.. Himali..:)

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