Never let the child inside of you ever die

Dear Self,


Never let the little child inside of you ever die. Add wisdom to your thoughts and views, but never let it cease the ever-curious inner child to stop looking at things with awe and wonder.

Never let this world stop you from questioning everything you find perplexing. The ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’. Continue to play with the ball at the beach like you used to and making castles in the sand. You’re never too old for dipping your feet in the water and splashing them around. You’re never too old to laugh out loud in real and not just LOL over a WhatsApp message. Stop by to smell the flowers, admire their colors, watch and chase around the butterflies, feathers and the little birds in the park.

Give hugs to your loved ones, just because. Don’t be shy to ask for a little extra affection and attention when you feel alone. There’s no need to wrap it all up in some dark corner of your heart. You’re never too old to cry on someone’s shoulder or even better – your loved one’s lap. Stop being afraid of being judged or laughed upon for your choices and wishes, no matter how silly they may sound.

Dear self, why do you think it’s okay to be indifferent? Being harsh and mean isn’t cool. Give everyone the same love and kindness, you would get at bedtime when your grandparents would persuade you with love to go brush your teeth and pee. Stop by to smile at strangers and say a “Hello” with the most cheerful glitter in your eyes. Share your things with friends and strangers, like you shared your crayons with your classmates. Offer to do things for someone not to get something back in return, but for the sheer joy their face lights up with when you offer them your help. Make friends to share laughter and your tiffin with.

No matter how busy you are, never forget to wish your parents and speak with them – even if it is for a few minutes. Remember the patience and love they woke you up with every morning and got you school ready and now adult life ready? Is your first best friend – your sibling, still your best friend? Make them an integral part of your life and be there for them, through all the ups and downs. You’ve lived so many stories together all these years, wouldn’t it be cool to just keep adding to that stock?

Respect, love and adore everyone you meet with the same affection you had for your class teacher. Never be too big to admit you’re wrong and ask for forgiveness accompanied by a heartfelt apology. EGO – is it the big monster mom says who hides in the closet? Yes, it indeed is! Wake up every morning leaving every problem, worry and resentment for the tooth fairy to carry away and heal, like your broken tooth.

Make joy, fun, and laughter your priority. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you feel confused – that’s how you learned to tie your shoelaces! 😀 Never give up, ever – like you would spend hours trying to solve the Rubik’s cube and making the Mechanics figures. Life is like playing boardgames – snake and ladder, bubble trouble, business, picnic – there will be snakes, jail time, penalties along the way; but there are far more exciting stairs to climb, adventures to embark upon, unexpected rewards coming your way too!  It’s okay to fall and get yourself messy and hurt – scraped knees and learning how to cycle, go hand in hand. There is beauty in every suffering, a lesson from every setback.

You just need to keep going – with that big, wide smile – pasted on your lips 🙂 Trust with all your heart and know that after every big exam, awaits the fun-filled summer holidays!


24 thoughts on “Never let the child inside of you ever die

  1. OMG Yes Hellooove HiMaLi
    O my Gosh Now you oPen up
    Your HeART HeaR in Stream
    of Consciousness writing You
    come so fully alive as a Child Within
    This is the HiMaLi i feel best i
    know so well
    my Friend
    keep coming
    out to play now Just
    Have fun for it’s true
    hehe usually work sucks haha..
    And yes so does that mean
    bully ego too.. hehe..
    Yes We all
    have one
    the best
    of us do
    the best
    thing of
    all forgive
    each other
    for being Human true too..:)

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  2. Dear Himali – When you let your inner child play, and people look at you a little odd or say something about your behavior, do what any child would do …. ignore them, as playing is much more important.

    I am sure we both know many claimed “adults” who have totally lost the ability to simply have fun. Keep your child alive! 🙂

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  3. Well Himali, just for that I’m going down to the beach and play in the sand for the day…and maybe adventure into the rock pools and be amazed at all that beautiful life 😀
    Now, I wonder what I did with my kite 😀

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