Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with surprises

Ever felt too lost, confused and overwhelmed? Too much to say, no words to describe? Not sure who to ask help for and even what to ask for? Well, all you gotta remember is….


In this world bustling with people, things, to-do lists, goals, wishes, and expectations, we gotta have faith. That everything will eventually work out πŸ™‚ People may come and go like seasons, but at the right time, you will be sent the right people to help you learn important lessons in your journey and grow. The things which matter so much to you now, for which you’ve spent sleepless nights and shed countless tears, won’t even matter even the slightest – a few years from now.

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with surprises. If you expect a manual, you’ll always be disappointed. Take life with an element of surprise and uncertainty – life will never cease to amaze you!

It is when we choose to look at things differently, do miracles manifest πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with surprises

  1. Awesome words, Himali! That is the secret how to manage life. We are not what happens to us or what happens around us. That’s why the only thing that is persistent are we ourselves. So why holding on to something that only functions as a lesson for us to evolve our awareness. An awesome and encouraging post, Himali! Thank you πŸ’–


  2. SMiLes my Friend A GreaTesT SurPriZE now to
    me in Life of Truly A Golden Age Now of No Longer
    Slave to any Pay Task Master other than me now.
    is Time is an illusion
    Deadlines are
    Dead to
    do Lists
    are Broke
    and the ruler
    i am is to Love
    How i see fit if
    i fit what other folks
    Enjoy in Life Best oF all i enjoy
    Life Now and No one rules me in
    their Dictator Ship of how their Play
    of Life Desires to make Money off me
    or just
    as a slave
    for tasks
    that they
    enjoy me to do now..
    Valuable Commodity
    for Pay no Longer am
    i Just Cheap Skate Trick and
    Treat for anyone who may please to come
    into my life.. and even stay a bit to visit adventures
    with me more..
    other than
    that Life
    Suck that’s
    Just what Cultural/Political
    Religious Systems MAKE
    Us Feel as designed still now
    to MAKE us provide Comfort
    to others who will afford to make life suck for us….
    It’s true i too used to Feel Like everyone i Worked/SuNday/Schooled for
    was welcoming me into A Life Sucks World Then Now Freeing from That
    Life is really
    NoW As
    and Eating
    and Loving
    moving connecting
    and co-creating is verily enough for me…
    yes it’s nice to have friends but hehe who
    really has time for that
    ‘these days’…
    it’s the
    Way of A
    World Dodge
    Ball in every Play Ground but Free..
    my Surprise today is you wrote another
    Blog Post so soon i am So Happy to see
    You Moving/Connecting/Creating my Friend..:)

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