The overarching importance of Intent

Himali’s Theory of Motivation 😛

I’ve often pondered upon the idea of what makes a person do something consistently, effortlessly and with a sense of dedication. What about the boring things we are often guilty of being reckless about? How do you keep yourself motivated to run errands and do the chores? Is it compulsion or discipline or just how some people are wired?

Over the years I’ve got various versions while trying to unravel this mystery. The v1.0 of this theory emphasized on discipline. But… It was highly flawed. You can only force yourself to do limited things. Eventually, your brain will trick you into an escape from what is seen as a forced routine. That’s when a super cool friend of mine said to me that it is about passion, rather than discipline – if you are passionate about something, you will find a way to spend time for it. Now, there were 2 issues with theory v2.0 – 1) Passion fades and grows into something platonic over time 2) How can you ever be passionate about things you hate to do?

That brings us to the v3.0 of Himali’s Theory of Motivation 😀 Above passion, lies fun! 🙂 Anything that we love, that is fun and joy will be effortless. Adding fun to the mundane brings auto consistency. You’d actually find an excuse to do things you find fun and relaxing. For instance, if you hate going to the gym but going outdoors is fun, running outdoors would be the perfect exercise for you.

The final bit – the v4.0 of this theory has been recently developed and perfected. A month ago, while I was on my vacation, I happened to speak with a friend and we got talking about what we had been up to for the weekend. I had my mind boggling when I heard my friend’s activity list for the weekend – it had atleast 15 things in a matter of 40 hours including the phone call with me and then a few more things before it was time to hit the bed. I honestly couldn’t believe if such level of productivity and activity was humanly possible – that too on a weekend! lol

When there is something that intrigues me, I ask without any shame for the What, Why, and How behind it. So, at first, I expressed my awe and then prodded to ask HOW – I mean what was the secret behind having such an active lifestyle. I got a very simple answer which struck a chord – If you have the intent, everything is doable.

That’s it, I found my answer, the missing piece of the puzzle. It is all about our intent.

Our actions are a subset of our intent. 


Where there is a will, there is always a way. Even if there isn’t – you will make one, if you really want. Once you set your mind and heart to something, nothing is impossible! I cleared my CPA (USA) exams in a record time of 3 months with an average score of 92% (I lost a bet of getting a MacBook if i scored >= 95 marks in AUD, I passed with a score of 94 in AUD – the subject I found utmost tricky). I would wake up at 2 AM to study before I left for work at 7 AM and somehow I managed to make it through the “no social media, no distractions in life” period. It was all because I REALLY REALLY WANTED TO DO IT. It meant something to me. And that’s why I could do it.

If there is something you want to do, even if you don’t have the means, you WILL FIND A WAY; if not, – excuses. At the end of the day, your intent matters. Efforts will flow proportionately to how strong your intent is. To me, results don’t matter as much as the efforts and ferocity of your desire. I’d end this post with two of my favorite Gujarati quotes:

મન હોય તો માળવે જવાય

“Where there is a will, there is a way….”

નિશાન ચૂક માફ 
નહિ માફ નીચું નિશાન

If you miss your target, it is forgivable. It isn’t forgivable to set a lower target.


18 thoughts on “The overarching importance of Intent

  1. SMiLes.. We Humans “Will” be motivated by Pain Or Pleasure
    when it comes to the Muse that Moves our Will to accomplish
    what we are motivated to do in Life but as far as the Effortless
    Part of Amazing Feats of Human Will That comes from a State of
    Greater Human Potential in terms of my favorite Four Letter Word that
    Stars with F Yes Flow.. There are many Ways to attain this State of Awareness in
    Mind and Body that Dampens the Beta Waves and Neo-Cortical Dominance of Mind
    in Worry State where we are constantly worried about ‘silly stuff’ like Time.. Distance..
    And Space.. Yes.. always the Past and Future concerns of a Highly Complex List of Cultural
    to do Lists but guess what.. Humans are only evolved to Focus on Just one Activity now and
    Social Empathic Artistic Activities Repress the Mechanical Cognition Reasoning part of our
    Mind yes
    Versus Writing
    Poetry With Smiles
    both Activities counteract
    the ability to do one or the other
    not much different than Using Facebook
    When one is Solving Analytical Problems
    at Work.. mass amounts of Productivity are lost
    this way to the dismay of Employers and Business
    Owners trying to Enhance the Bottom Dollar amount line
    of actually doing business uninterrupted as such.. in other
    Words i will never ever do my Tax Return when a Poem wants
    to come first of course unless it is close to Midnight on April the 15th
    in the Good Old USA.. Moving Meditation is the way i attain Flow the way
    i quiet the ‘Monkey Mind’ which is really no Monkey Mind at all for Monkeys don’t
    have Complex Culture to interrupt their Natural State of Flow in the gain of Basic
    Subsistence that is Naturally a cooperative way of Social Empathic Cognition one
    Step of Life at a ‘time’ together focused on one activity at a ‘time’ with no time for
    Monkeys ‘Really’ hehe as they only Live now as every Creature does except
    For Creatures Like Human Beings Who Spend Life Restricted in Neo-Cortical
    Abstract Constructs our Neo-Cortex Creates with Plentiful Beta Waves of
    Stress to go along with that.. anyway in Flow there is little Inertia of Worry
    and yes indeed one will Dance a Tight Rope until they fall
    off and get back on the Horse and Ride into a Sunset
    and Sunrise so beautiful that Never Ends now my
    Friend Where Honestly there is no need for ‘intent’
    at all As Flow becomes the Flow itself
    where there is no Conceptual
    Thinking Required at all
    yes the Capstone
    of the
    that doesn’t
    Need to see the
    Lower Parts of the
    Pyramid at all for the
    Entire Pyramid is Working
    as one Wisdom Eye of Effortless Will..
    hehe just in my opinion of Course an
    Opinion with Empirical Results that proves
    it works for me at least always now even now
    when my Finger Hurts a Bit as there are Nine
    more to get the Job done IN FLOW..:))))))
    Yes.. When Water Wave Ocean Particle
    Wave and Field becomes As as One
    Force of Wave Flow..:))))))))
    Hehe Flow
    Activities may
    have very little
    or even nothing
    at all to do with
    Making Money
    and that my
    is a main
    reason Humans
    stay so stressed it’s
    not that Money is the
    Root of all Evil Just the
    Stress off the Illusion of Time
    Distance And Space that Humans
    have created as a Strange way of Prison
    in a Hell they pretend to enjoy day in day out in ‘time’..:)

    NoW IS A River
    WHere Shores
    Do Not PriSon..:)

    Liked by 1 person

      • Smiles shouldn’t We All Now
        Love Decoding HappYness
        And Friends So much more
        Than A
        As an Addiction..
        Like Coffee And
        Cigarettes and
        ‘Candy Crush’
        ‘Smart’ Phones
        Haha With SMiLes
        Life is so much Better
        Decoding HappYness
        With Great Friends We
        Purely Love and when We are not
        Afraid to Admit it too.. hehe.. i will
        Never Fear Love Now But Coffee and
        Cigarettes And Candy Crush Nope None
        of that
        for me
        i rather
        And Sing
        A Light of Love my
        Real Friend Within..
        Smiles i Will Sing ‘your
        name’ too but “that’s not allowed”..
        something to Feel about my Friend now…
        i Believe Cultures have a whole lot of Maturing
        Still to do to Grow Old as Young Again and Real
        Where Love is Both King and Queen Meanwhile
        i just scratch
        my head
        in A
        of what i see….
        Smiles Still Just
        ‘Old New SMiles’ from me..
        Meanwhile Like a Real Lion Doing the Least Harm
        AS KinGQueeN i Roar Love Never Fear Always Love is Best..:)


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