Your real superpower


As a child, while watching the movie Mr. India and cartoons with superheroes, Alladin with his Geenie and the magic carpet, Dexter and Dee and the Powerpuff girls, I always dreamt of having a superpower. Something truly unique. Magical.

After all these years, I think I have found what the coolest superpower can be! It is *DrumRollsPlease*

The power of choice. The choice of NOT DOING tit for tat. 

The choice of being kind and nice above being right.

The choice of love over ego and fear.


As a kid, I watched my parents live, breathe and personify the above. At times, I would be stupified of why they always chose to be the person with the bigger heart and do good even to the ones who were clearly not worth it. Ten years back if you would’ve met me, I would tell you a totally different perspective. It was not about being mean, but fighting tit for tat. Demanding for fairness.


A decade of experiences, mistakes, and lessons learnt (this makes me sound like I am 70 y.o. … lol) makes me a much wiser person. I’ve come to terms with the importance of being a good person above everything else. When I go to bed, I like knowing that I gave the highest and the best response to everything I encountered during the day. Holding grudges, seeking revenge or saying things which would hurt the other person might give some instant gratification, but in a matter of hours; I would regret being mean. So better, give the best response instead of a reaction.

Send vibes of love and peace.

Next time someone annoys, hurts or upsets you – just pause and ask yourself –

“Is this the highest and the best response I can give?

Is this how I would like to be treated?”

This is the real superpower, my friend. May you find the courage in your heart to actively choose this, even when you are tested and tempted by life. If you do mess up, apologize from your heart.

Love ❤

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