I hope that when you can’t sleep at night,
You connect the dots to the coffee you had,
Late in the afternoon today,
And make a mental note,
To NEVER NEVER touch coffee,
Post lunch, no matter
How tempting it may seem.

I know, your desk was freezing,
With the AC at 18-degree temperature,
A warm cup of coffee looked so innocent,
Perfectly warm to hold,
A comfort to the,
Just-about-to-freeze palms.

The boring 200 pages presentations
You gotta read,
While taking careful notes,
Trying to interpret the chain,
Of debits and credits that flow,
When your brain wants to shut down,
And WhatsApp distracts you every 10 seconds,
A warm cup of coffee,
Never looked so innocent,
Like a spoilt best friend,
You CAN NOT say no to!

Alas, here we are,
Sleepless nights,
Entries in my diary,
Poems dedicated to the culprit,
Someone, someone – PLEASE fix that damn AC.

I do hope to find,
Good friends to keep me company,
Who live in timezones sweet,
Till the caffeine fades from my veins.
To share my agony,
With talks insane.

I apologize in advance,
To all the early morning plans,
I made for the weekend.

Someone just asked me,
What time will you wake up,
Let’s catch up on a call?
Well, it depends on what time,
I get to zzZzzz land.

– Sleepless,
H i m a l i

22 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. We are all born With a ‘Little’ Flame
    That We Either Kindle or Suffocate
    in Life that ‘Little’ Flame
    is verily more than
    an online Book
    hehe that
    Fire inside is
    even more than
    Human Will that Force
    That Field that Wave that
    Particle Water Wave Ocean
    Whole is indeed our Flesh and
    Blood Heart our Spirit Balancing
    Mind and Body Force Soul LoVELiGHT True
    NoW When We Kindle our Flame in Balance
    the Oxygen of Pure Love Fires our Soul
    Higher with Gravity and not the Inertia
    That Will Weight our Spirit Down Less
    Than Pure Force LoVELiGHT and while
    This Might Sound a Whole Lot Like
    NeW AGE Psychobabble to Some
    The Force within is not Mistakable
    When We Find a Way to Flow Our
    Soul Force in Zone And Rise
    Higher Effortlessly as a
    Drop of Water
    Whole this is not
    Instant gratification this
    is No Coffee No Candy Crush
    Video Game no Porn Site For
    Hours in the Day of Young Men
    This is the Flight of Soul the Fire
    of Spirit the Flame of Heart that
    Never Exhausts the Love that Loves
    to Live the Core of who we all are God Soul…
    Smiles there are many Ways to attain this Flow
    As Higher Force Stream of Consciousness Writing
    And Moving Meditation Public Dance Works in Practice For me.. could
    be as easy though as a Walk in a Forest You’ve never Been with a Friend or perhaps a Beach…:)

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  2. Haha, too funny, Himali! I hope you could catch up with sleep. For some reason, coffee may support me being more awake during the day but I never had problems going to sleep when I had one later in the day. It never helped me stay awake at night…. perhaps I need to get way past the 50s that this will ever happen… haha.

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  3. I feel sleepy after drinking filter coffee. And it is not just me, my cousin too.
    Once, we both got extra strong filter coffee by 2. And we felt more sleepy.
    I still don’t know for sure if it was the filter coffee or the dosa we had before.

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