With wonder and great gratitude

Look at the 🌎 with wonder and great gratitude 💕🌺💕🌺


I’ve always wanted to know
The perfect recipe
To making the sumptuous 
Mixed vegetable soup
Called  L I F E . . .

Like the one, I had for dinner
Made by me, of course 
Oh, I am not praising
My cooking skills
It was just a metaphor 

Finest ingredients
Is what you need
To start your base…
A sense of wonder,
Forgiveness without
An apology asked
To self and others,
Kindness and love galore,
And the biggest of all,
Gratitude in all you see and do…

All these, seasoned with herbs,
Of joy, fun and laughter,
Cooked on slow flame
Of patience and faith….

Try out my recipe,
Let me know how it works,
If I’m missing some ingredient,
Feel free to add it to the broth…
Lastly, salt – swaad anusaar 

– Chef for the day

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