A Note of Gratitude on Teachers Day!

A little note of gratitude on this beautiful day………… πŸ™‚


It isn’t just important to be passionate about something, what’s more important is to be persistent despite all odds and show unwavering resilience and tenacity. Waking up and doing the same thing all over again and again and again.Β 

Thank you to my parents, brother, friends and family, all the formal teachers in my life, informal mentors, peers, classmates, bosses, and every person I’ve interacted with for molding me into the person I am today.

– Himali Shah

Happy Teachers Day! ❀


The best teacher doesn’t teach you HOW to fish. He asks you if you are hungry? He encourages you to experiment with being hungry and eating a gourmet delicacy…. and lets you decide for yourself!

He makes you think, experience first hand and analyze. He brings out your intrinsic motivation, as you yourself figure out the WHY and then find your HOW.

What you learn this way is ingrained into you, for eternity.

You no longer need someone to watch over you but more of someone to give you Hi’5s and solve your glitches along the way.

– Himali Shah

Specially dedicated to a teacher, like no other!

25 thoughts on “A Note of Gratitude on Teachers Day!

  1. I love your thoughts about teachers and teaching. It is true, a real teacher doesn’t tell you what you need to know, they remind you of what you know and then help you to improve it. A teacher is simply able to bring out the best in you in the way to motivate and excite you to enjoy using your mind and heart like a sponge which never gets completely filled.πŸ’–

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      • My, so sweet, how you said that. Aren’t we all both? You said something important here. As soon as we are authentic we can forward so much and inspire others to be and do the same. Thank you for doing right that, Himali πŸ’–


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