Love for all!

Just a customer!

A few days back I was visiting a photo studio to get passport photos clicked. The studio owner asked me to collect them in an hour. After hanging out for an hour, I went to the studio to collect my photos and I was instantly handed over my first envelope. I was quite engrossed listening to the music playing on my headphones. I glimpsed at the picture from the envelope and looked up at the owner with a smile to say thank you, when I noticed that he looked quite distressed.


I saw that he was holding a blade cutter and his right palm which was bleeding in his left hand. While cutting the edges of the pictures, he had mistakenly cut his finger. His finger was red and the blood didn’t seem to stop. He was to give me the 2nd set of my pictures so he quickly asked me if he could give them to me tomorrow? I forgot about the pictures altogether and felt really worried for his finger cut.

I asked him if he had a first aid box or a bandage around. Unfortunately, he wasn’t having either. I remembered having an extra bandage in my bag. I shuffled through my huge backpack to find something that could be of instant help. I picked out a pack of wet wipes, antiseptic turmeric cream and some makeup remover cotton I had in my pouch with the extra bandage. I quickly reached out for his hand and began with cleaning the wound with the wet wipes. The cut was so deep that it was continuing to bleed. I asked him to wash his wound with running water for a bit till the blood seemed to stop, applied the cream followed by the cotton and sealed his finger with the bandage. I was oblivious to the surroundings around me and a customer who entered the shop was watching me, for I don’t know how long.

I was giving instructions to the owner to change the bandage asap as he reached home and apply some turmeric powder on it and post-care routine and he was religiously nodding to me. I went to the extent of telling him to gulp down a spoonful of raw turmeric powder and sugar with a glass of water and a small cup of turmeric milk at night as that’s what my mom would make us do as soon as we would have a minor injury. My mind was racing and since it was close to 10 pm I asked him to see a doctor the next day for a proper dressing and a tetanus shot since the blade might have had corrosion to it.

I was done with the “gyaan” imparting session and turned to leave when the amused customer waiting at the door, looked at me and at the owner and asked if I was a nurse or a friend.

I just smiled at him and said “I’m just a customer”

Little acts of human care and kindness are so much needed. I remember people offering me bandages for paper cuts while collecting printouts from the printer, sending me virtual “phoook” (whiff) so that I feel better, my brother doing the dishes and dinner for me so that my finger doesn’t hurt.

If we can treat everyone around us with the same level of love we expect from others, wouldn’t the world be such a nicer place!?


– Himali

13 thoughts on “Love for all!

  1. Smiles Himali.. You have a very Nice and Loving
    Voice i Encourage You To Blog More often when
    You Can and Will to Spread that Voice More As Far
    As You Will Go…
    The Gift
    is Art
    The Practice
    is Life The Light
    IS “Love For ALL”
    SMiLes PerHaps
    one Day We Will
    Write A Poem Together
    ‘Who’ KNoWS PerHaps..:)

    Liked by 2 people

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