Passing the CPA (USA) exams – unintended benefits


Originally answered as a requested question on Quora! Published on my LinkedIn too 🙂

  1. Passing the CPA exams gave me a sense of renewed belief in myself and my learning capabilities. “If I can do this in 3 months, with a full-time job – nothing is impossible.” I’ve always considered myself a continuous life long learner – learning should NEVER stop!


  2. Learning about the power of INTENT and INTENSITY. Intent combined with the highest level of intensity can bring results that often need a long span to accomplish in a shorter time frame. All you need is INTENT (Intent = Desire + Willingness) + Relentless focus + Resilience + EFFORTS + Overcoming the fear of failure – The overarching importance of Intent

  3. Re-enforced discipline and grit (A book I’ve loved reading – Grit)

  4. It made me humble and learn deep (Reading this amazing book currently – Deep Work) – people think MCQ exams are a cakewalk. It is the other way around where you need to be zen clear on your concepts especially with simulations and real-life case studies.

  5. Gave me the mental mindset to embrace failure and give my very best without worrying about the results


  6. Made people around me think I am some sort of geeky genius (Score: FAR 91, REG 94, AUD 94, BEC 89). It was plain hard work and efforts- not talent or genius 🙂

  7. A lot of concepts I learned during the preparation of all the 4 papers have been useful to me in my work without me realizing it then!

  8. Enabled me to tick off that one item on my long pending bucket list

  9. I met new friends and reconnected with some long lost friends, did tons of reading, research, networking with people who had already passed/ were pursuing the CPA exams

  10. ABILITY to wake up at 2 AM for study before heading for work at 7 AM and sleep at 7 PM – and do this over and over AGAIN. You don’t stop when you are tired, you stop when you are done 🙂 (Ability comes with INTENT – Refer point #2)

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