A letter to the INTJs in my life


My Dearest INTJ,

How do you put up with me? LIKE LITERALLY – HOW?

When I jump up to you, with insane, crazy ideas that pass through my mind, how do you have the patience to actually listen to me talk about things in all gusto and excitement and then show me with so much calmness (and no chuckle) how “not-so-realistic/logical” my idea was πŸ˜›

From where do you gather the patience for my spontaneity, bursts of emotions – both happy and not-so-happy, to know curiously of the 1,678,658th thing I am interested in, be appreciative of the little things I do, be so thoughtful and kind towards me…?

Honestly, I am so blessed to have you in my life. With you, I feel forever protected and safe – safe to discuss my weird ideas without the worry of being judged, to be my true authentic self. Your advice is of so much value to me. You go above and beyond to help me out when I get stuck with something. You always make sure I stay comfortable and protected from bad intentions others around me may have. With you, I feel like a little child crossing the streets, holding a responsible adult’s hand. Not having to worry about anything – protected from all harm and danger.


I love it when you let yourself lose in my madness and try things I propose – LIKE: Helping me jump off a 7 feet fence to take a picture with dinosaur statues in a park, πŸ˜€ When you ensure my safety – LIKE: NOT allowing me to drive your car, asking me to buy a helmet when I mentioned that I went biking. You give me the best NEW experiences. I love it when you believe in my dreams and my potential and don’t laugh at me for dreaming big and rather ask me “WHY NOT?” when I come to you with questions like, “You think I can do it?”.

When it is fun time, no one can have it better than with you. You understand and read me like the back of your hand. You are forgiving and you let me inside your territory to give me the gift of your time and affection. Your care is sometimes so tricky for me to understand, but I know that you have my best interest at heart. You even make sure I dine right and at the right places and not just anything adhoc.Β  You listen to my chatter with enthusiasm and are always keen to know the why behind what I do. Your gifts are thoughtful and generous. The way you appreciate me with the fewest words and most actions is something that I can never forget. Like me, you notice and do care about the little things. Your jokes – I find them veryyyy funny πŸ˜€

Thank you for always making me smile and laugh, being my shoulder to vent and cry, biggest critic cum cheerleader, most patient listener and most of all – my best friend, who I can learn from and grow with. Thank you for never being annoyed with my quirks, upholding my curiosity and interests and asking questions that make me think deep and clear up my doubts by myself. Thank you for always wanting to understand my side of the story and for wanting me to find myself and my passion. Your encouragement and advice is priceless – you make me WANT to do things rather than HAVING to do them by being a living example to me.Β  Thank you for nurturing my creative and expressive side. For helping me persevere and be a finisher in things I start. For showing me hope. For pointing me my flaws – point-blank and confronting me when I get into my comfort zone or do not make adequate progress towards my goals.

You make me a better version of myself! πŸ™‚

The little child, always,
Who refuses to grow up…
H i m a l i

32 thoughts on “A letter to the INTJs in my life

  1. SMiLes FRiEnD the INTJ makes sure the Bills are
    Paid on Time and the ENFP makes and takes Great
    Extended Vacations… SMiLes i haven’t come back off
    of Vacation since i paid the last ‘Bill’ So many years ago..
    so Glad You have
    People in Your
    life now who
    Your Personality
    You are surely a
    Joy of a Human to me
    Oh.. the little Child in Us is
    What makes Life Glow Like
    A Christmas Tree With Never
    Ending New colors of Wonder
    True that’s worth Protecting Forever now..:)


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