Everything is possible.


This post is a special thanks to a dear friend who reminded me of the power of I M POSSIBLE. Thank you, Sandeep!

Last weekend, watching the movie Ford v Ferrari (my favorite sports movie for racing is Rush) filled me with a renewed sense of inspiration. The feeling that if you truly set your mind to accomplish a seemingly impossible goal with a belief and conviction that you CAN and that you WILL, there is nothing impossible.

Have you had a time when you really wanted to do something but were filled with self-doubt? When you’d turn to someone around you and ask of their opinion if something you wanted to do was possible in their opinion? What do people usually say to you? “Oh well, it depends..”, “You can, provided….”.

When you ask for help, people say they will; but they do nothing tangible to show you that they do care about what you wish to accomplish.

I strongly feel that the naysayers are much better than fake supporters!

I asked a few friends for their opinion on something I wanted to do. There was one friend, whose answer blew me away. I loved the way he ended the sentence with a full-stop – no negotiations, no further questions to be asked 🙂


Not only did my friend reinforce to me that it was totally possible, he even went to the extent of networking with two of his friends on my behalf to check for a few things I had queries about and was unsure of. I told him about my research studying the websites and he went a step ahead to try and make calls to the institution to re-confirm my understanding of the subject.

On a totally unrelated matter, I was checking with my friends if someone resided in a particular geographical location as I wanted help with an airport pickup for someone else. Sandeep told me that he didn’t stay anywhere close but texted two of his friends for help explaining to them everything I had! I felt really touched by his gesture.

Sandeep isn’t someone I know personally or have met. He is a friend’s spouse’s friend who I was introduced to fairly recently. He is a fellow blogger and a great friend. I promised him a surprise a few days back but finally found time to pen this blog today.

Here’s to the people who believe in us. Friends who want to help you, without self-interest. Here’s to friends without borders!

If you have friends like my friend in your life, consider yourself truly blessed. Also, why not try being “that” friend to someone in your life?

Once again, a big thank you, Sandeep!



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